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How to Prepare Presentation.

How to Prepare Presentation.

In this lesson, we will learn How to prepare a presentation. Where I have discussed the following topics.



  • Adding speaker notes.
  • Editing handout masters.
  • Rehearsing a Presentation.
  • Adding and viewing comments.

Adding speaker notes.

When you have done all thing in the Microsoft presentation finally ready to start preparing the actual show here is another conference booster. Now we have speaker notes. Speaker notes are notes that only we can see our side on the computer your screen while presenting but the audience won’t see on the slides on the big screen.

To add notes to the slide.

At the bottom of any slide, you can add notes. simply underneath start typing.  If you do not see then at the bottom of the PowerPoint status bar there is option namely Notes:- See in the below image.

You can turn on and off by clicking on it.


Editing Handout Masters in Prepare Presentation.

Handouts are huge underutilized features of PowerPoint.

PowerPoint has the ability to easily print out your slides for your audiences and it even can include space for taking notes.

If someone who uses handouts every time makes it talk I do not like to give them out until either the end or way before I start this way that the audience focuses on reading instead of a listening thing.

I also like to remind the audience in because they have handouts they wo not have to miss anything.

Instead, they can listen.

You can use build-in handouts or edit the handouts master.

Just like the slide master if you would like to view handout master.


Handout Master.

From Master View.

 Handout Master


Header and footer.

  header and footer notes from header and footer

Rehearsing a Presentation in Prepare Presentation.

A huge factor knowing how to create a presentation is knowing how much time you have to present this should always be in your backup of your mind when you are creating the show.

Is one thing your show on screen that is another thing completely speak your presentation not allowed because of this you can and should rehearse your timing presentation long before the actual front of an audience.

PowerPoint lets to do this something called Release Timings.

Slide Show.

 Rehearsing a presentation

Rehearsing a presentation timinmg

 Rehearsing a presentation recording and resumeing

 exit from presentation

 timeout of your slide

Adding and viewing comments

You might not be making presentation by yourself may be entire task going through a view process and may be just you need to get some feedback and advice you can collaborate the presentation right in power point going to itself by adding and reading in comments on slides you do get visual Que the presentation or individual slide has comments.



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