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How to Use PowerPoint Media.

How to Use PowerPoint Media

In this lesson, we will learn How to use Microsoft PowerPoint media. Where I have discussed following topics.


  • Adding and formatting video from your computer and Working with video clips.
  • Adding and working with audio files.
  • Adding slide transitions.
  • Adding animation to objects and text.

In PowerPoint media article we will work on  Video, Audio, and Animation to Slides.

Adding and formatting video from your computer Working with video clips.

Insert Tab.


 video my pc

The Location of your PC will be opened. Select any video then click on insert.


Adding and working with audio files.

We have already done work with videos now time for adding audio in our slide for inserting audio do the following steps.

Click on Insert Tab:

On the right-hand side, you see there is the option like below image.

 audio file

After clicking on audio PowerPoint gives two choices.

  1. Audio on My PC.
  2. Record Audio.

Audio on My PC means if you have the audio file saved on your computer. So you can give that file location.

Record Audio means you can record your audio file with mic which is attached to the computer.

audio file

 recorded sound

After recording you have to say something for recording and after recording some voice then press the stop button and click on play button and listen what have you recorded.

If you want to re-recording than press on Red dot button if you are happy with recording click on ok button.

 recorded options

Above sound image can be kept and dragged everywhere on the slide.


 playback options

Adding slide transitions.

slide transitions are classical in PowerPoint thy go ways back to the earliest versions. Slide transitions are the animation to have a between each slide that one slide moves to the next. The timing and animation are flexible.

Either You can use different slide transitions for each slide or you can apply for each slide.

Although keep in mind transition is slow that a lot of slides.

click on Transitions Tab:


 transition to this slide

 effect options

 more effects options

 Adding slide transitions


Adding animation to objects and text.

We have talked about slide transitions in previous articles.

But you add the animation to Picture, Shape, Text boxes also when you create an animation always be thinking going to work conjunction with your talk some can be fun, some can be the function. sometimes you need to slowly reveal the elements on your slide.

In fact, slowly reveal pictures and need to start selecting all.


 animation preview

 more animations

 animation pane

animation pane settings

 animation setting

advanced animation settings

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