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How to Add Microsoft PowerPoint Images.

How to Add Microsoft PowerPoint Images.

In this lesson, we will learn how to Insert PowerPoint images So, we valid a few images into our presentation using the content placeholder. It made a big difference.

Adding PowerPoint images are a very important part of the presentation.

Because PowerPoint images can re-enforce your words and add much needed visual interest color to see the text.

PowerPoint 2016 makes it easy to add the photos when you use the content placeholder, but think when you have not any placeholder.

PowerPoint Images

  • Adding pictures and clipart.
  • Aligning objects using guides.
  • Formatting and adding effects to pictures.
  • Understanding object layering.
  • Removing the background from pictures.
  • Using the Eyedropper tool.

Adding pictures and clip-art.

Insert tab.

insert picture

insert picture from

There are 08 handles and you can resize with them.

08 handles

Rest the Picture.

Format tab.

 reset picture

 reset pic and size

Background command.

Select image.

Design tab.

Background command

 Background command 2

Aligning objects using guides.

A power point slide is a big square one thing can make a good presentation look really be polished when everything lines up perfectly.

You can do this with the use of guides.

Which aligns automatically appear.

When the object is centered evenly space between another object.

Let’s see in action.


ruler grid lines guides

 grid and guides

 smart guides

Formatting and adding effects to pictures.

Now that there are pictures added in place.

Now let’s use Background, Shadows and other effects.



Select picture.

 Formatting and adding effects to pictures

First of all, we have to make correction in photo using corrections command.

From Format Tab.


The second step is to use Artistic Effects in Photo.

 artistic effects

You also recolor it.

 color saturation

Accruing to the PowerPoint theme which you have used in your presentation.

Once your all photos and images have been added to your PowerPoint presentation.


 compress picture

them for reducing file size.

If you do not like your setting you can reset it.

By using reset.

 resetting image

You can also use the picture style.

picture style

You can also apply picture effects it.

 picture effects

If you want to apply the same picture setting to other slide images than you have select format painter.

Select the image of the desired slide.

Click on format painter from Home tab.

Click on image.

 format painter

Crop command is used for cropping the image from Format tab.

Understanding object layering.

The order and which objects replaced top each other can be critical.

To design your presentation.

It can make a difference looking like done quickly or you really took the time beautiful presentation.

 Understanding object layering

 Understanding object layering 2

Understanding object layering 3

Removing the background from pictures.

Now you know how to change the layering order of objects.

 Removing the background from pictures

PowerPoint has built in tool to remove it.

Click on photo.

Format .

Remove Background.

How to Add Microsoft PowerPoint Images.

Mark Areas to Keep.

 Removing the background from pictures 3

 keep changes

 keep changes the picture

Using the Eyedropper tool.

 Using the Eyedropper tool

Now I want to change the background of slide.

Go to Design Tab.

 Using the Eyedropper tool 2

 Using the Eyedropper tool 3

Using the Eyedropper tool 4

I can pick any color including text.

 Using the Eyedropper tool 5

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