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How to Use PowerPoint Illustrations.

How to Use PowerPoint Illustrations.

In this lesson, we will learn How to use Microsoft PowerPoint Illustrations. where I have discussed the following topics.


  • Adding shapes.
  • Formatting Shapes.
  • Cropping a picture to a shape.
  • Creating and formatting charts.
  • Using Smart-Art to create diagrams.
  • Adding equations.

Adding shapes. 

You can put also shapes in PowerPoint presentations and use your knowledge layering and remembering number bring to front send to back. More even be a traditional layer on graphic already have on the place now you need to know shape was not part of the graphic let’s add some shapes.



more shapes

Formatting Shapes.

 formatting shapes

Cropping a picture to a shape.

You may find your presentation could use more theming or basic pattern or color fills just to blend. You can actually pick a custom picture you have and cropping to a particular shape to fit the design you need now let’s use and see in action!

Insert Tab.


After inserting the picture into the slide.


Cropping a picture to a shape

 Cropping a picture to a shape 2

Creating and formatting charts.

Charts can be a big part of any presentation as we saw in the last table.  Whether you can use if you have already had a table or you can create manually in PowerPoint.

Get Titles and Contents placeholder.

There is option of chart.

 Creating and formatting charts

 charts more options

 chart graph

chart more options

Using Smart-Art to create diagrams.

PowerPoint illustrations can also help you create all source of needs ways to show diagrams, flowcharts, if even you add picture diagram is called Smart-Art and all the functionality you need to build right in PowerPoint.

 list for chart

Select the text as above.

Select from Home Tab.

 convent smart art

When you apply any option from above options.

Following tabs will be shown.

 design tab

 format tab

Adding equations.

If you are creating a presentation for chemical formulas breakthrough science Or teaching the course power point 2016 can help you present that you can find equations.

To insert an equation in slide change to the insert ribbon tab and choose equation.

Insert Tab.


Design Tab.


 preview of equation

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