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Microsoft Pivot Table.

Microsoft  Excel Pivot Table

One of the Microsoft excel most creative and powerful tool is called a pivot table. It is a separate entity that you can create based on data.

Pivot Table

Typically, the data you used the source of the pivot table. Something is organized in the list. You can see below data. If you trying to analyze this information.

Once we have recognized our data in order.

 detail list for pivot table

Insert Tab

Leftmost button is Pivot Table.

Pivot Tables

2 PivotTables

3 PivotTables

Many times, you simply click that button the default location for pivot table will be the new worksheet usually you give the quick glance to table range there is table range where excel has taken selection our data from our list automatically and then click ok.

4 PivotTables

On the left-hand side, you see placeholder and on the right-hand side, you see a Fields.

It might be docked. If you wish you can drag to any place on the screen. See in below image.

6 PivotTables

If you want to go back to the last or docked position just double click on the top place of Pivot Table Fields Title bar.

Click one by one on each field which is available on Dialogue Box of Pivot Table.

When you will click of fields, then you will see on the left-hand side field list will be appeared.

Like the below image.

7 PivotTables

Noted: when you will click on the field from Pivot Table fields and drag to Row or Column then you will see different results.

Two tabs are opened as below.

For more options, you can work with the following tabs.


Microsoft Pivot Table.



Pivot Chart.

You are already familiar with charts, how to create and work the charts.

1.       Type a list as below.

2.       pivot chart

3.       Insert Tab.

4. Pivot Chart

5.       There is the option of a pivot chart. Use a pivot chart to graphically summarized data in exploring complicated data. Let’s create a pivot chart.

6. Pivot Chart

7. Pivot Chart


13 Pivot Chart

Click on field one by one.

14 Pivot Chart

Now you see the result is different because the result is available with Pivot charts.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel


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