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Adobe Photoshop Tools (CS6).

Adobe Photoshop tools help us for drawing anything in Photoshop there are many Photoshop tools available and each tool has its own function and work.

Your are in the second lesson of A Complete Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorial.

Adobe Photoshop was developed and published by Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Photoshop Tools

Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop tools and work with Selection Tools, Alternation Tools, Drawing and Selection Tools, Additional Tools & Color Boxes and Modes.

There are 04 groups of Adobe Photoshop Tools.

one group

two group

three group

four group

Click Black dot or triangle because there are more options.

Adobe Photoshop Tools with detail.

tools with detail
You can also access any tool with the shortcut key. Every tool has the own shortcut key.

Selection Tools.

move tool
Move: It is used to select and move objects on the page.

marquee tool

Marquee:  This tool is used to select any object by drawing a rectangle or an ellipse.

lasso tool

Lasso: selects the object by drawing a freehand border around it.

magic wand tool

Magic Wand: select all objects in a document with the same or similar fill color, stroke weight, stroke color, opacity or blending mode.

crop tool

The crop tool is used to crop any image or image’s part.

eye dropper tool

Eye Dropper: takes color samples from colors on the page and displays them in the color Boxes.

Alternation Tools.

healing brush
Healing Brush is used to accurate small blemishes in scanned photos. Select the tool, hold down the Alt key from keyboard and left click of the mouse on the base color you need to head. Then left click over the blemish.

brush tool

The brush tool is used to draw brush strokes. Select this tool then click on the select area. Brush mode, size, opacity, and flow are used from option bar.

clone stamp

Clone stamp as the name specifies that this tool is used for cloning. This tool takes the sample of an image or different part of the image and you can apply over another image. Or can be used any part of the same image.

Select the tool. Hold down the Alt key and left click of the mouse on the certain point of the document where you want to start your copy point. Then, put you mouse over whatever part of the new document you want to picture to go to.

art history brush

Art History Brush is used to point our over an image using source data from history.

eraser tool

Eraser is used to remove any part of the image or removes part of an existing path or stroke. The text also can be removed with it.

paint bucket

This command is used to apply a color fill to a selected part of the image or to an entire layer.


This command us used for applying Blur any part of the image.

Drawing and Selection Tools.

path selection
The path is used to select paths.

type tool

This tool is used to type the text on the page.

Click on type tool and begin the typing. You can specify the size of the options bar. You can also resize. Use the Move Tool to move the text on the page.

pen tool

Pen: Draws smooth-edged paths.

line shape

Using line shape you can draw a straight line. Besides it, there are other shapes that are hidden like the Rounded Rectangle Tool.

Ellipse Tool, Polygon Tool, Line Tool, and Custom Shape Tool.

Additional Tools & Color Boxes and Modes.

hand tool
The hand is used to move the image. The right to left and top to bottom.

magnifier tool

This command is used to  Magnify for Zoom In or Zoom Out in the Options bar, click on that area of the image you wish to magnify of reduce.

color boxes

Color Boxes: The foreground color looks in the upper color selection box and represents a color that is currently active. The background color appears in the below box.

1.      click the upper color selection box in the Toolbox for  changing the foreground color,

2.      click the lower color selection box in the Toolbox for changing the background color.

3.      Click the Switch Colors icon (the arrow) in the toolbox for To reverse the foreground and background colors.

4.      click the Default Colors icon (the title black and white boxes) in the toolbox for To restore the default foreground and background colors.

Note: If you are using Gradient Tool, the currently selected foreground and background colors will be default colors of the gradient.

A Complete Adobe Photoshop Tutorial.

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