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Others Search Engines

Others Search Engines.

Now in this lesson you will know Others Search Engines (the 03 big search engines). As we know about Google, it is No-1 search engine among the all search engines, by now probably you have some ideas that what is Search Engine Optimization.

Others search engines

When you have the term search engine even Search Engine Optimization, you first think about Google Search engine, and doing so, you might be right and wrong, google has the power house, and many who use the term Search Engine Optimization, and optimization for Google interchangeably. However, we must be careful and not forget two others big search engines players Bing and yahoo, in this lesson we see quick look all three search engines, or can be called Big 3.

  1. Yahoo was the first major search engine. Though in original form we must use the term search engine, it was called (mosaic) and the mosaic stared to gain the popularity as search directory a sort of Yellow pages websites.
  2. Google is the biggest and smallest cookies in search jar and it is also the industry pivot search engines are of the function today.
  3. MSN (Microsoft in 90s): the third of the big three is “Bing”. In fact, Bing is Microsoft’s live search engine. This search engine was started in late 1990s. Bing is partially powered by Yahoo technology. Thus, functions are very similar to Yahoo. At least come to back end.

msn (Microsoft Net) include original search engines to target particular country or continent by do for example:

It is large search engine in the world at the time . Google also holds the domination 70% of search engine base. Bing has 20% and Yahoo has 10%.

When we want to optimize website search, Google is the primarily focused. We focus on Google, but also, we should not ignore the Bing & Yahoo.

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