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How to Organize Access Records

How to Organize Access Records.

In this lesson, we will learn about  Organizing Access Records. Most of the text formatting options you want to use within your table and apply to the records.

However, there are very basic formatting tools available in access when you can avail into your table directly in the sheet view.

access Records

Formatting Columns.

Let’s go Ahead and open Microsoft Access.

You can find formatting options under the Home tab on the right-hand side. However, these might not function quite you expect if you have experience making your document something like excel.

home tab

Click on the field and click on the formatting toolbar and apply any command.

If you select the entire column then apply any command from the formatting toolbar. The entire column will be affected.

It does not matter in the table it will apply to everything.

I have to define the entire formatting toolbar command by command.

setting of fields

Sorting Table Data.

A common task with any table of data has sorted the contents to bring relevant records to the top.

On the home tab of the ribbon, we have the group called sort and filters and it has all the tools we need.

Open table any table where numbers are available like the below image.


I can use sort by right-clicking on the column.

 ase and desc

On the right side of the column there drop down the list I can also sort.


When you sort there is a little tiny arrow on top of the header. This indicates sort is applied to this particular column here.

I can sort out with the numbers and alphabetic also.

 Remove Sorting.

Go to ribbon on Home tab.

Remove sort.

 remove filter

 Filtering Table Data in Access Records.

The filtering options on the table allow you to limit the number of records on the screen only those records interests

Just like sorting this allows you to quickly the information need.

Let’s take the example from below the table.

Home tab.

Sort & Filters.

Suppose I need those persons who live in Chana for doing that first you click on the country field o chine.

Then Selection clicks on Equal “China”.

set equal to

 show result

You can also notice from the bottom record navigation which tells there are 19 records are available.

There is a button filtered visually indicator if you click on it. Then unfiltered records will be seen I mean all records.

 record navigation

Click on the country column, you will see the filter icon, click on it you will see the following image.

In the following image, you will see additional options I can go with the text filters we have the same options as we saw previously plus a couple more I can also go through the select individual country so, here I can select any country example I select here the United States.

 apply filtration on record

 see result

Hit ok

 see total result

You notice in the above image two countries have been filtered one is China and the second in the United States.

 To apply filter more than one column at the same time.

1.       People live in China and the United States.

2.       Last Name is Dixon.

Countries settings already we have made. Now right click on Last name column drop-down menu and turn off select all, means un-check everybody, only apply checkmark on Dixon, Ok.

 apply filter

Now we see the table we have three people. Last name and country.

 see result of apply filter

Turn on and Turn off.

Click on Toggle Filter.

 toggle filter

 Searching and Replacing Values.

No Text editing environment would be completed without an easy way to search for the text and make replacements.

Access has not the exception we can use the same replace tools might be familiar with other office programs.

1.       Open table.

2.       At the bottom of the table, there is the search box. Type any text which you want to search.

 Searching and replacing values

2nd way.

On the Home Tab.



Find: To find any text.

Replace: for Replacing the text.

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