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Who Open Email & Clicking on Your Email.

In this article I will explain how to know who open email and clicking an email and how to use, data to improve your email marketing results.

Open Email

Email marketing does not end with your email gets delivered, in fact, that’s the thing is really start to get the interesting thing, in this section, of course, I explain.

Email tracking requires series HTML programming, or you can just use the email marketing provider, built-in tracking report, to show you who open the email and clicking on your emails.

1 Email tracking

Open Email.

Once you have tracking ability in your emails, you need to understand what it means, to report to show, opens, clicks, and open email, according to your

email report means that the person who receives read the email, enable the images in the open email, to display, or click on the link in the email, no images, no open tracking reports.

2 Email tracking

This is important to understand, because a lot of people, read the emails, without enabling the images and click on any links, the user opens the guide, read the guide, to see how many people interested enough check your emails to enable the images, click on the link, and the assume the people, who are not listed in your email report and notice your email and just choose the scanning email content without clicking and enabling, any images.

when you come to click report, thinks like straighter forward, your click report, shows who click on which links, how many people click on each link, you click report gives you to great insights, first it indicates interests of your part of email subscribers.

3 open and click rate

For example: if 20 people click on the link, to watch the video about the dog, 20 people click on the link to watch the video about the cat, you can determine which people interested in the dog and which interested in the cat.  That means the following series of emails you send.

  • Can be customized emails.
  • That the dog people or the cat people.
  • Second, your click reports are also telling you whether the content of your emails is valuable.

4 Email tracking

Or interesting to your, readers when people view to the website, read an article, watch the video, or download the picture, they are engaging, and that helps to remember memory your business and your message when ready to buy

For this reason, it is a good idea to leave some of your email contents out of your email and linked instead that way, you can tell who is interested, and who is not when analyzing your quick reports,  it is also a good idea, to compare your emaildata with your website, to visitors data, if your email drives a lot of traffic to your website, but nobody takes the action for there, it is indications that your website content and your user experience may be need of attention.

Off course clicks and opens the only email actions, tracking it is also, possible to track unclick responses, I will cover those in the coming lesson.

  • Show email printout or on the device.
  • Mention a specific offer in person.
  • Track phone calls.
  • The unique phone number for the offer.
  • Use email as a ticket.
  • Use offers from emails.

Track NonClick Responses.

Emails links that, drive traffic to the website, can be tracked like electronically, but not clicks responses have to be tracked little to humans, interaction and creativity, here are some examples of non-click responses, that worth tracking, first it is a good idea that, tracked into process resulting in your emails if you have physical store, the track store purchases, you can ask people show email printout or on the device screen, you can also, tracked store purchases, by including special promotions, that is not advertised anywhere, except the email.

That way someone asks, for the special promotions, you know the way found out, about through your email, including specials promotions, so works well, if you want to track phone calls, reader of your emails, because you can attribute any callers, who mention any special offer, to your emails, you can take that concept one step further, by adding unique phone number for the offer, to new your emails.

That anyone who calls, the identified some who, receive the email. Another note click tracking responses, of course, you can track even registration electronically, but sometimes.

It is good to know, how many reminders in contributions, to increase actually, physically attendances especially if your event is free, in case of events,  you can use your email tickets, and you can ask people to show, or print the email for administration or you can include offers in your reminders in emails that people can show, or mention or door.

If the fact is tracking the non-clicks responses, require some manually, and event you have to worried about, spending too many time, do not worry, the next section of the course shows, how to automate them, most components in your email marketing programme see more time, keep track of all, happy customers in actions.

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