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Online Advertising History

Online Advertising History.

In this lesson we will learn about the online advertising history. Remember when people used to use internet back in 1998 back than the connections were mostly dial-ups that you can really do a search, check email, or hangout chat rooms for standing to the space waiting for dial-ups connections than you can do things.

Online Advertising History

We spent so much more time online these days, like watching videos talking with friends share ideas and photos read blogs and write blogs and sometime even read the news, there is way more to do, it changes all the time.

Than last fifteen years the technology has been changed dramatically, it also changed us too. Can you remember last time that you used to see movie on disk? Last time you mail the letter.

Technology changed the way of world works. It also changed the advertising too.

Take your mind back to 1998, when only you can search, check emails, this is the era. The first online ads were introduced there the example of online ads were banner ads, news sites, and text ads, and results pages of search engines.

Over time though with fastest speeds the technology great support more images video and interactivity as the technology evolved sold the advertising.

Now it is change all again, as more and more people use smart phones and tablets to access the web now a day, we see the ads designs specifically those devices.

Looking back to for how the ads are evolved since 1998 it is pretty clear that advertising influence by technology and by user behavior and that is pretty neat thing.

Specially since online ads helps keep internet free and that’s why this introductory short course is all about.

The internet is changing advertising how to understand the concept is evolving world online ads.

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