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Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016.

Welcome, Microsoft Word Tutorial.

This Microsoft Word Tutorial is for those who are new in MS word(MS Means Microsoft) in general and those are simple new Word 2016, as well as those looking for refresher many of the basics to intermediate features and functions of word 2016.

We will begin with a quick tour to improve the user interface get you comfortable you in the environment and explore new items like telling me, assistant, to perform the tasks having difficulty finding than it’s on working with text where you will learn some editing techniques before moving on to formatting text, paragraphs,  and pages and then its topics making look good.

You are illustrating document with images, special effects, and your own art more. Of course, it’s important these days share documents to affectingly with others.

Even to collaborate on creation we will explore the ways where your documents using the clouds and saving to OneDrive.

Microsoft word 2016 is more powerful than never so much to cover let’s get started with word 2016.

Microsoft Word Tutorial

In this article, we will learn the following topics.

  • Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016
  • Launching Word and touring the interface

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016.

So, Let’s start the introduction of Microsoft Word, Microsoft is a company, who has created program word. Word is called a word processor program.

Where we type the letter, application, statement, report, publish the book, any kind of information you can insert into word. It is a very useful software.

We use mostly Microsoft word in Government and Private offices for official work and private work. We work in, pages, columns, tables, we can create beautiful documents using a word.

Learn How to Launch Word 2016 in Microsoft Word Tutorial

  • Click on Start Button in Microsoft Windows.
  • You would see the icon of Microsoft word 2106 then click on it.


Touring the Microsoft Word Interface.

Learning Microsoft Word Document 2016 Basics.

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