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How to Use Microsoft Word Proofing Options.

How to Use Microsoft Word Proofing Options.

In this article, you will learn how to use Microsoft Word Proofing options. If you have planned to share documents. So, you make sure that your document is grammatically correct and there is no spelling error also you are writing the correct language and right words on the right places and so on there are the number of Microsoft Word Proofing options, which are available in Microsoft word 2016.

which will help you and we will explore in this Lesson start with these options which are turned on directly which will help you and where we go to make adjustments so for doing this you have to create the blank document.


  • Setting proofing and autocorrect options.
  • Checking spelling and grammar.
  • Using the thesaurus, research, and translation tools.

The setting of Proofing Options.



Proofing Your Documents.

Proofing Your Documents

Using AutoCorrect Option.

Proofing Your Documents 2

You can automatically correct any text.

auto correct

Checking spelling and grammar.

One of the very last thing do with Microsoft word document 2016 is especially if you plan to share document with someone for this make sure that grammatically correct and also ensure that there is no spelling error as we have talked in the previous lesson now it is time for proofing we are going to do this new blank document.



Blank Document.

Review Tab:

The left-hand side you will see following options.

Checking spelling and grammar

 spelling and grammaer

When you click any above options, then many things to happen, means document will be checked for spelling and grammar errors and also new pane will be opened on the left-hand side. For doing this you type following words.

This lesson provides you a powerful way to help you prove your point. When you click Online Video, you can paste the embed code for the video you want to add.  You can also type a keyword to search online for the video that best fits your document.

In above example, you see there is a red line and blue line.

Red Line shows spelling error.

The green line shows grammar error.

spelling error


Ignore: means word will ignore the word.

Add: it adds into a dictionary of Microsoft word.

Change: means we will follow the instruction or advice of Microsoft word.




spelling and grammar


Using the thesaurus, research, and translation tools.

Aside from assuring that document is grammatically is correct and there are no spelling errors also there are other proofing tools they might be handy.


Type a word for example:


Right click on word.

 Right click on word theaursu

You will see below image which will be shown on the right-hand side. Where you can choose any word for replacing.

 replacing theaursu

Too see lookup word information form internet.

You have to use Smart Lookup Insights.

Type and select word.


Right click on word.

Smart Lookup Insights.

 Smart Lookup

The last tool is Translate.

Type a sentence.

Select choose translate language option from Review Translate.


 tranlate lanaugae options



 mini translator

For testing the translation.

Select entire sentence.

Hover over the mouse on sentence.

You will see the following result.

 For testing the translation

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