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Touring the Microsoft Word Interface.

Before we begin to use many of the powerful features and functions of the word 2016. We should comfortable in our environment. So let’s begin the tour of the Microsoft Word Interface.

 Microsoft Word Interface

  • Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Title bar.
  • Ribbon Display option.
  • Ribbon Bar.
  • Tabs.
  • File or Back Stage View.
  • Tell me what you want to do.
  • Hide and Un-hide Ruler.
  • Work area.

Quick Access Toolbar.

 Quick Access Toolbar

It is located On the left-hand side, at the top, you see a quick Access Toolbar. By default there are a few commands that are available on quick access toolbar. from here you can use those commands which are used frequently.

If you want to add more commands on quick access toolbars so you have to use customize Quick Access Toolbar by adding more commands.

Using the Quick Access Toolbar 2

Title bar.

Title bar

It shows the name of the document.

Ribbon Display option.

A new feature is available namely the Ribbon Display option. Which shows the following information.

Auto-hide Ribbon: – when you select this option. It hides the Ribbon. When you will click on the top of the application, then it shows.

Show Tabs: – It shows only Ribbon Tabs. When you will click a tab to show the commands.

Show Tabs and Commands: – It shows Ribbon tabs and commands all the time. (by default).

Ribbon Bar

Ribbon Bar

The Ribbon bar contains all tabs and each tab contains more commands.


File or Back Stage View:

File or Back Stage View

When you click on the File tab, you will see a number of choices will be opened. You can select any option according to your requirement.

Using the Tell me assistant.

New Feature Tell me what you want to do is introduced in Microsoft Office 2016. you can type any command or you can get help.

Using the Tell Me assistant

Using the Tell Me assistant

Hide and Un-hide Ruler:

The ruler helps to control the adjustment of the document. It shows at the center of the screen and left the side.



Hide and Unhide Ruler

Work area:

In work area, you can type any text.

Work area

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