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Microsoft Windows 10 Tutorial.

Welcome to Windows 10 Tutorial. I dedicate to you to comfortable to Microsoft windows 10 core features of the Microsoft Windows 10 Operating system.

I get started to give you familiar with key concept hope you understand what is operating system is and its role primary foundation and interface in your computer we also learn configured and installation and setup.

We will spend some time in spending understanding interface and system analysis like organizing files in hard drive like the file explorer.

As well as launching and managing applications with the start menu and taskbar. I let you several the applications which have come built in windows, including the Edge web browser, and Mail, colander, and the Address book application.

We will also explore the process installation the new applications and we will look at several important applications, including how to establish the backup system. Sharing files basic network and managing multiple user accounts.

So if you are brand windows user or if you are upgrading previous versions. I think you find what you need to get familiar to get running with windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 10 tutorial

What is an operating system?

An operating system is a core software of your computer.  It is platform or foundation that’s support every operation on your computer:

  • Foundation of the system.
  • Defines the user interface on your system.
  • Designing or “personality” of your computer.
  • The layout of the controls.
  • As operating system.
  • Windows 10, Linux, mac, and OS 10, all do basically the same thing. But it is the interface design and layout controls the operating system. They make them completely different each other

What is Microsoft windows 10?

Windows 10 is an operating system and operating system is core software on your computer it is platform and foundation that’s support every operation on your computer it also defines the interface on your system.

Windows10 is an operating system.  The operating system creates links between user and machine. It also controls hardware resources. It is also a Graphical user Interface.

In Microsoft Windows 10 tutorial You will also learn other lessons. So click on the following link and get the information more.

Microsoft Windows 10 Other Lesson.

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