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Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

In this lesson, we will learn about Microsoft PowerPoint introduction, Touring the PowerPoint interface, changing views, and adding guides, Connecting PowerPoint to your OneDrive account.


  • What is Microsoft PowerPoint?
  • Touring the PowerPoint interface.
  • Changing views and adding guides.
  • Connecting PowerPoint to your OneDrive account.

What is Microsoft PowerPoint?

Microsoft is a company, who has created program PowerPoint. Which is used for creating the presentation? Where we work on slides using slides we create a beautiful presentation. Presentation means to introduce or talk something (product, the idea of an audience.).

Touring the PowerPoint interface.

Quick access toolbar.

Here are those commands, which we use frequently.

You can also add more features according to your need.

For adding more features click on the black dot.

Quick access toolbar 2

Click on more commands.

Title Bar.

At the center, you see the file name which you have kept for the file.

 max min close

  •  Minimize.
  •  Maximize.
  •   Close.





The ribbon is a tabbed interface. There are many commands that are available on the individual tab.

File or Backstage view.

Minimize and maximize the ribbon (Right-hand side of the screen).

 Minimize and maximize the ribbon

New feature Tell me what would you like to do.

Tell me what would

Come to at bottom of the screen.

It tells how many slides are available and you are staying on what slide.

 number of slides


You can also change the view of the slide
Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint.

 slide sorter 2

Zoom in and zoom out.

You can also customize the status bar by right-clicking on it.

customize status bar

On the left-hand side, we have a slide tab. Where you can navigate your slides.

navigate your slides

Changing views and adding guides.


Changing views and adding guides



Outline View.

outline view

Slide Sorter.

slide sorter

Notes Page.

 Notes Page

Reading view.

 reading view

Master View.

Master View

Ruler, Gridlines, Guides.

Connecting PowerPoint to your OneDrive account.

Connecting PowerPoint to your OneDrive account

Ondive is the product of Microsoft which is used in Windows.

Where we can save our files on clouds.

onDrive Gives us 2GB Capacity.

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