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Introduction to Microsoft Excel.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel.

What is Microsoft Excel used for?

Microsoft Excel is used for especially for the business purpose and it is used for accounting. Where we work on rows, columns, sheets, formulas, charts, etc.

Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet program. Excel is often is used maintaining the large list of data. This might be customer list database. Microsoft Excel is the product of Microsoft.

Microsoft Excel

Using the menu system.

When you open Microsoft Excel you see at the top a series of the tab by the group of icons. The entire menu system is referred as a ribbon.

The most common tab which is frequently is used is Home tab.

Ribbon bar.

 Ribbon bar

Each Menu tab has many commands.


Back Stage View: –

 Back Stage View

Dialogue Box Launcher.

Dialogue Box Launcher.

Ribbon Display option.

Ribbon Display option.

Using the Quick Access Toolbar.

Above the ribbon menu system, the upper left corner of your screen it is called quick access toolbars

It has initially some toolbars.

Quick access bar.

Using the Quick Access Toolbar

Using the Quick Access Toolbar 2

Using the Quick Access Toolbar 3

 Using the Quick Access Toolbar 4

Customizing Quick Access Toolbar.

Customizing Quick Access Toolbar.

Customizing Quick Access Toolbar more commands


Understanding workbooks and worksheets.

There is certain excel term we use consistently.

In excel file is the workbook.

A workbook is a file newly always we can use those two terms interchangeably.

Sheets depend on available memory (default is 1 sheet).


1048576 Total Rows.


16384 Total Columns.


Cell pointer.

 Cell pointer

Cell Address.

 Cell Address

Using arrows keys move the cell pointer.

arrows keys

Using the Formula bar.

Formula bar

A screen just below the ribbon that is called formula bar.

Formula bar contains the information if the active cell contains the information.

Using the Status bar.

At the bottom below the sheets tab, there is the status bar.

Often there is word ready which you see the left corner.

Status bar

Status bar more options

Using navigation tools.

Whether you use mouse or trackpad.

Moving the mouse or fingers on trackpad moves it is called cursor.

navigation tools

navigation tools 2


 switch windows

Using shortcut menus and the Mini toolbar.

Select row.

Right click.

Insert (that row will be inserted).

Select column.

Right click.

Insert (that column will be inserted).

If you want to delete row or column then right click.

Delete. (Then row /column will be deleted).

I will check it for duplicating below commands.


Using shortcut menus and the Mini toolbar



Using Excel Help.

When you hover over any command it tells about command.

Using Excel Help

Using Excel Help 2

help preview

help shortcut

Tell me what you want to do.

Tell me what you want to do


 help preview




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