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Microsoft Excel Workbook Definition.

Microsoft Excel Workbook Definition.

In this lesson, you will learn about Microsoft Excel workbook definition, where you will learn about Excel 2016 Workbook Basics and how to enter data into the worksheet. Where I have discussed the following topics:

Excel Workbook Definition.

  • Creating a new workbook.
  • Using Save As.
  • Close workbook.
  • Open workbook.
  • Exploring data entry and editing techniques.
  • Entering data with AutoFill.
  • Working with dates and times.
  • Using Undo and Redo.
  • Adding comments.

Creating new workbooks.



Click on Blank Workbook ( a blank workbook will be created.)


 Creating new workbooks

Using Save As.


Save as.

This command is used to give the name to the workbook.


Using Save As

save as of excel

 save as this pc

OneDrive: Files will be save on (OneDrive by Microsoft) it needs Internet Connection and Microsoft Account).

save ondrive

This PC:  The Currently PC you are using, file will be saved on it.

 save as this pc

Add a Place: I will explore the internet.

Browse: A saving dialogue box will be shown. Where you can save your file according to your location.

 save as this pc

Updating data or save work into workbook.


Save (ctrl+s).

Updating data or save work into workbook

Close the workbook.




Open the workbook.





Recent: Recently working files will be displayed.

 open recent

OneDrive: OneDrive files will be displayed.

 open ondrive

This PC: Your current PC files will be shown.

this pc

When you will click on Browse: The location of your PC and OneDrive will be displayed.



 open location

give the location of the file.

select file.


How to Enter Data into the worksheet.

Exploring data entry and editing techniques.

Adding comments

To edit in the text cell.

First Way.

double click on the cell.

Second Way.


Third Way.

Create changes into formula bar.

Two typing patterns are used in Microsoft Excel for typing.

The 1-text pattern goes to the right side.

The 2-numbers pattern goes to the left side.

Entering data with AutoFill.

  1. Type any month.
  2. keep Mouse’s cursor on the down right-hand side. as shown in the below image.
  3. auto filling
  4. dragging it at down. like the below image.
  5. auto filling
  6. The result will be shown like below image.
  7. result

Note: This Technique can be used with numbers, Month, Days also.

 Entering data with AutoFill

Entering data with AutoFill rows

Entering data with AutoFill days

Entering data with AutoFill date in number

Working with date and time.

For Date: Ctrl+;

For Time: Ctrl+;

Using Undo and Redo.

Using Undo and Redo


undo options

redo options

Adding comments.

Click on the cell where you want to give.



Adding comments

Adding comments 2

 show all comments

 comments options

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