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Adjusting Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Layout and Data.

We will learn about Microsoft Excel spreadsheet layout and data. If you want to insert column and row and want to remove the row or column, or move or copy the sheet and also use find and replace commands. We will know all about in this lesson.


  • Inserting and deleting rows and columns.
  • Hiding and unhiding rows and columns.
  • Moving, copying, and inserting data.
  • Finding and replacing data.

In the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet layout, we will start from “ Inserting and deleting rows and columns”.

Home Tab.

Click on Insert.

 insert sheet rows and sheet columns

Insert Sheet Rows: for adding rows.

Insert Sheet Columns: for adding columns.

Or  (you can use this command with right-clicking on the mouse.)

Right click on screen


 Right click on screen


Home Tab.



Right, click on column or Row.


 Right click

Hiding and un-hiding rows and columns.

 Hiding and unhiding rows and columns


Hide column.

Right, click on the column.

 print preview

You will not see that column which you have hidden.

exit print preview

It shows missing column.

example of column

Hide Row.

Hide Row

You can also hide multiple columns. Select more than one with mouse and ctrl key from the keyboard.

Right click and hide.

Unhide the column.

Right click on the column and unhide.

Unhide multiple columns.

Upper left the pointer.

 Upper left pointer

 Upper left pointer 2

Hide and unhide rows note: it will work like the column.

Right click on the row.

hide and unhide.

Moving, copying, and inserting data.

Moving data.

Moving, copying, data

Copying data.

 Moving, copying, data 2

 Moving, copying, data 3

Finding and replacing data.

Sometimes you are looking for the data in a large list and some time actually to try to replace data.

Find: you can find any text with the find command.

Replace: you can replace any Text.

Find Command.

For example:

Type some text.


Home Tab

Right-hand side.

Finding and replacing data

Shortcut key from keyboard Ctrl+f.


Replace Command.

For Example:

Ramzan I have typed in the document now I want replace with Haris.

Home Tab



 find and replace

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

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