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Introduction to Microsoft Access

Introduction to Microsoft Access.

In this lesson, we will learn about Microsoft Access. Access is database program. The database is a collection of records and record is a collection of fields.

Key database concepts.

What is an Access Database?

An Access database provides all of the tools for:

  • Efficiently moving data in or out.
  • Maintain the validity and consistency of the data.
  • Performing analysis.

An Access database provides all of the tools for:

  • Generating statistics.
  • Creating organized reports.
  •  Automating repetitive tasks.

Microsoft Access

1 Tables.


Store data organized into records (rows) and fields (columns).

2 Queries.


Gather records for analysis or further processing.

3 Forms.


Interact with your database and allow data entry.

4 Reports.


Prepare data for export or printing.

5 Macro.


Automate processes and control interactivity.

Object Views.

Data-Oriented Views for interacting with the data.

  • Datasheet view.
  • Form view.
  • Report view.
  • Print preview.

Structure-oriented views for creating functionality.

  • Design view.
  • Layout view.
  • SQL view.

Launching Microsoft Access and the backstage screen.

Launching Access and the backstage screen

blank db

Creating the database file.

Creating the database file

blank database

new database

open ondrive this pc and add place

Understanding the Trust Center.

Understanding the Trust Center

access info

security alert in access

trust center in access

options in access

security more in trust center

trust location in access

security warnings

Digging into Ribbon tabs.

Backstage View:

Digging into Ribbon tabs

Save as. (To give a name to the database.)

Save.(Update or save the work into the database.)

Close.(close the database.)

Open.(open the database.)

Introduction to Microsoft Access

 Digging into Ribbon tabs

Digging into Ribbon tabs home

Digging into Ribbon tabs create

 Digging into Ribbon tabs external tool

Digging into Ribbon tabs database tool

Collapse the Ribbon.

Collapse the Ribbon.

Pin the Ribbon.

Pin the Ribbon.

show hide tabs



 show hide tabs 2

 show tab shorcuts

 create tab

 query design

 change tab

Using the Navigation pane.

 Using the Navigation pane

all access objects

Using the Navigation pane 3

Using the Navigation pane 4

Using the Navigation pane 5

Using the Tell Me feature.

 using the Tell Me feature

The tell me search box is the new feature of office suite makes it easy to find out commands.

You can type any command in the box.


Query Design.

Tell Me feature

tell me box

Using the Quick Access Toolbar

At the very top of the interface, above the ribbon tab appears, is a grouping of icons, collectively refer to as a quick access toolbar. This is the easy place to shortcut you use most often. By default quick access toolbar includes a save button, undo, and redo.

 Using the Quick Access Toolbar

For adding additional commands you can click on little arrow buttonUsing the Quick Access Toolbar 2 and for adding more commands click on more commands option.

customize quick acceess toolbar

 access options

 ms office update

Signing into a Microsoft account.

If you have Microsoft account then signing in Access, allowing you to easy way share your databases through your OneDrive folder as soon as allowing you to sync across to the other computer might use.

In order to sign your account.


 Signing in to a Microsoft account

Making backups.

Access is the one of the only Program in Office suite that does not have the feature of Auto Recovery option. When program crash or unexpected shutdown. Because of this, you want to make sure backing up your databases on regular basis lucky access may create backup absolutely no reason not protect you and your data.

In order to create your backup.


Making backups

saving backup

Accessing Access help

If you find yourself need help you might consider Access built-in help system.

Accessing Access help

Type any query.

Suppose type here a query like delete query.

Accessing Access help 2

Help window stays on screen.

Help window stays on screen.



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