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Learn How to Use Microsoft Access Tables.

Learn How to Use Microsoft Access Tables.

Microsoft Access Tables provide the foundation of any good database and in the success of a database, how well function and how flexible it is to future growth often comes down to the structure of the table well how it is your data.


Understanding Components of a Data in  Microsoft Access Tables.


  •  Horizontal rows in the data table.
  •  Each record defines one entity.


Vertical columns in the data table.

Individual properties.

  • Broken out into the smallest component possible.


Each field can hold the data.

Field Data Types.

Data types define the information that can be stored.

Field Data Types.

  • The short text (up to 255 characters).
  • Long text (up to 65,536 characters).
  • Numbers with various constraints.
  • Date/Time.
  • Currency.
  • AutoNumber.
  • Yes/No.
  • Attachment (a modern version of OLE object) or Hyperlink.
  • Calculated fields and Lookup Wizard.

Creating A Table And Setting Data Types.

Open MS access.


Creating a table and setting data types


Table Can also be created in Table Design.

Click on Table Design.

table in design view

editing in table

When you create a table you notice that by default ID column is created with auto number data type so I change here with Std_ID like below example.


data type of table

 field with table

Two ribbons are opened when you work with any column.

Field: means choose the property of column whom you working with.

Table: means working with a current table.

 option of table and others

Select number for Phone field.

 choosing number

You can also change the data type of field from field ribbon.

 change data type

For save the table.

save table

From quick access toolbar.



Save (ctrl+s).

Or close the table than access will ask about saving, like below example.

 save as options

Use one of above option then save the table.

 give name to table

You can open the table by double clicking on the table.

open table

Entering Data.

Adding new records to your database it is the easiest way to fill in the blanks.

Each record or horizontal row contain information about the single entity.

In the case of our database that we have created a table for the student information so we want to put the information about the students.

Let’s put some records in our database.

  1. Open the table by double-clicking on it in the navigation pane.
  2. For moving to one filed to next field use tab key at the end of record filed hit the enter and go to next record.
  3. For editing any field, you just click on mouse go that field and change it.
  4.  You can also increase the width of the field just go the at the line of column and drag to the right side or double click.

 record pane

At the very bottom of the window, there are navigation buttons. These allow moving forward and backward using the arrows.  You can also add a new record by pressing the New (blank) record button.

 record pane

We can also know the how many records are in a table and current standing position.

Importing Tables

If you have already information stored in the file such as Excel workbook then you do not have a need to type it. In order to bring in to access the tool, you have available in access in external data tab.

External Data.

 External Data

 get external data


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Microsoft Access Introduction.


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