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marketing email automation

Marketing Email Automation.

One of the best, features of email marketing is Email Automation of your marketing communication, this section, of course, shows you two ways, that automated emails, prospects, and customers, you need an email marketing, provider or really good, programmer to help you, with email automation.

Marketing Email Automation.

Some automation scenarios, are simple, and some are simple conceptually, but there sophisticated technically, after the viewing this section of the course, you will know what type of, automation feature you need, from providers, to run the automation programs most helpful, to your business.

Marketing Email Automation.

The first type of email automation is called autoresponder, an autoresponder is, a single email, automatically response to a specific event, or action examples: include email is triggered by a specific date.

Such as holy and birthday, how in the date, and email is triggered by a specific time, such as launch time, or a few hours before an event and email sends and responds, to fill the form, such as ordering something online or joining the email list.

1 specific date

2 specific date

Or email send or response such as clicks, such as click on the link, a website page or video, to set up an autoresponder you need to create the email with content the same for everyone, triggers the auto-responses email.

Once you have created an email you can use your email marketing, provider, to assign a more than one triggers or events, sometimes it is appropriate to send multiple emails, automatically and response to actually,  event an automated series of multiple emails, is called the sequence, the sequence is perfect, for targeting email content to an individual with different behaviours interests or contacts, for example: when new prospectus join them to your email list, you may want to set up a sequence that automatic response with following for emails.

  • A welcome email, thank you for a person to joining the email list, sends after immediately joining.
  • A follow-up email: with links to product or blog company information whether helpful resource sends three days after the welcome email.
  • An email newsletter: with best articles, advice, send one week after, follow up the email.

Promotional Email:

Offering a special discount as thank you for joining the email lists, send two weeks, to the newsletter.

Sequences that makes your email more relevant because you can base on a variety of   event and triggers, such as:

  • Clicks.
  • Dates.
  • Periods of time.

Since the prior actions or events, when to comes to planning, more sophisticated emails, email Sequences you need an email, marketing provider that help you that has the ability to automatically stop or change the sequences based on multiple triggers or events.

For example:

3 Promotional Email

You create a sequence for the new process, and one of your prospects become a customer middle of new, prospectus sequence, you may want to switch to new customers sequence and stop the new prospectus sequence to automate sequence changes your email marketing provider needs to, interrogate with your database.

Link tracking to identify the changes, customer profile so, switching to some from one sequence to another sequence may be allowing as simple, track to someone, clicks or purchases, and just each sequence accordingly, you can also manually add want to sequence or stop the sequence by changing the data someone database record.

Email automation takes little extra time to set up, but I hope to see, attention to make think more productive along the run, and I hope this email marketing course has helped to your email marketing strategy more productive ever.


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