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How to Manage User Accounts Windows 10

How to Manage User Accounts Windows 10.

In this lesson, we will learn How to Manage User Accounts Windows 10, Where I have discussed following topics.

Manage User Accounts Windows 10

  • Account.
  • Sign In.
  • Account Type.


When you use windows, you have user account which you have to log in to use the computer this screen you generally see when you your computer on before I can use the computer I need the type my password the user account then hit return.


Then I will be loged in ready to work.

Account screen

The user account contains on your personal files, as well as your setup and configuration options.  Because the computers are very personals many if not most users only have one single user account setup. But if you share the computer, you can setup multiple users accounts. That way that each person uses the computer can have their own unique set of files and system configuration. You can keep your all of your files separate from the others users and you can even setup different level of security    privileges. Which is great if you sharing the computer with child or setting up on public terminals.

In Manage User Accounts Windows 10 first step is Create an Account. So, let’s take a look option for setting up New User Account.



 account setting

 account detail

Account for others

 create Account for pc

 made Account

It is normal account not online Microsoft account.

Log out image I will add and log in image I will later on.

Sign In.

Keeping your computer locked in secure is very important you password for user account is the key that security  here you would learn options that you have changing the password  and some setting you can adjust and keep that password lock working efficiently .



 Sign In

 Sign In options

Account Type.

Understanding Account Type is very essential in Manage User Accounts Windows 10.  Early in this we have talked about choosing right type of log in account for your computer either Microsoft  online account or basic local account then we went to the process setting up of windows whichever account chose but the now we are looking accounting settings I want to talk about you do if you can change your mind about which type of account you want.

Let’s see how it works.



 Account Type

your email and account

 email calendar and contacts




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