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Understanding LMS Features.

In this article, we will learn about LMS features. I will discuss the following subjects which relate to LMS features.

lms features

  1. Standard LMS features.
  2. Advanced LMS features.
  3. Understanding learning needs.
  4. Understanding SCORM and the TinCan API.

Standard LMS features.

As we start the process of selecting LMS it is a good idea to know the standard for most LMSs.

Already we have explored how certain systems are better suited for certain audiences. Let’s look what’s features make LMS functional as a learning tool in this lesson we are going to view the basic LMS features that most LMSs system has.

Every LMS has three foundation parts to make LMS.

The First thing you need to manage learning content. Later on, we will talk about what exactly what aspects learning should be managed.

The LMS is retrieved by unlike people the organization and the people characters need to be a set as an instructor or learner and the functions LMS should be changed.

The roles assigned to users and finally, the LMS delivers the learning content. It creates a digital place. No learner accesses the content and moves to the learning process.

When we come to the instructor there are some basic features that should in place. First and for most it needs to allow course management. This means the instructor can build the course as they see fit most LMSs have parameters.

How the instructor builds the courses. But overall LMSs should be able to accommodate the unique teaching style evolves the different instructions.  Furthermore, it should allow the sharing of resources one of the most tedious jobs can be teaching printing on papers for students.

 If I have the ability upload the digital file and allow access to my students online then I will be instructed have to waste recourses and also students access that content online easily from many locations and finally it should also track the learning progress.

This allows the instructor going to the LMS finds which students help the resources and focus attention making sure everyone in the class is successful.

When I come to learners the most features of LMS should help the find their learning goals. It should communicate what are they learning why they learning it.  Learners should also access learning content through the LMS. This creates a single point. Where They can log on. Find all requirements be successful particular course.

Finally, learners should also track or check leaning progress and defining the areas of the course.

All of these features. Make the basic foundation of most learning management system.

Now addition to featuring this is advance feature will set learning system is a part and make them more appropriate for certain audiences.

Advanced LMS Features.

As you start explored different learning management systems to determine what will best for you and your institutions it is important to keep in mind a few advanced features.

One of those features important to check out is the communication feature.


Understanding How communication works inside the LMS can give you a lot of inside into whether or not work for institutions. Probably Biggest pc communication to look at how the instructors and students communicate for example: how the instructors let students know the progress and how to share the resources with those students and furthermore how the students communicate the instructors they need additional supports or help.

If we take a look at the example of  Moodle there we can see the instructors have a lot of controls on how they figure the communication for example instructors can choose whether or not notified popup or emails when students initiate the actions.

This is important because that allows to instructor and students and method work for them.

Furthermore, Moodle allows us a built-in communication process like instant messaging that allows us to log in and massaging with each other. If you have an instructor that run virtual classes.

Where he set the day and time for classes. This is a great way for the instructor to see who logged in. and quickly communicate with them.

In addition, and understanding how communication works.

It is also an important step. How collaboration works inside the Learning Management System.

Some LMSs students are very isolated. They do not interact with the students. Yet other LMSs want to give gear for the K-12 market allow to a lot of students collaboration.

The instructor can create a students group. And students have their own communication. Inside that group, these collaborating situations really give help to students.


Another key advanced feature is checkout. Something called Visual Reporting.

Most LMSs for long in structure input great data. Even allow learners to take the test directly online.

 Visual Reporting

Another important feature is going to be explored how a student takes the test online.

Whether or not the instructor creates just multiple tests or do fill the blanks and how the instructor creates those tests. It is also important to explore the language setting and accessibility feature.

Understanding Learning Needs in  LMS Features.

As a start the process the selecting LMS though out you and your organization, the several things you should keep in your mind. You also required some attention and detail on your part.

Make sure the LMSs really appropriate you need.

The first thing you ask yourself?

What data do you need to collect from your learners?

If you simply looking to send communication out there is an LMS may not be the best choice. Simply having the website or blog may be the more appropriate solution.

If you collect the data from your student through assignment and quizzes than built-in features in a lot of LMSs it is not an important feature to take a look at should work you have in mind.

You also ask yourself

Would our learners want to use this?

Successfully implement LMS usually means the learners to be exited to use much as instructors take an overall static design throughout features that are available. Can really determine whether or not your LMS successful.

Finally, ask the question yourself.

What options are available in LMS Features?

Some LMSs give you the ability through plugins and some do not whether or not these features are important to you how limiting you are going to be learning environment these all things you consider as you start selecting LMS. The move to the next lesson.

We will evaluate the learning management system based on three questions.

When you are choosing LMS, it is also important to question. You also keep in mind.

Not only the Instructors but also learners.


It is easy to learn. The instructor spends some time I mean a week learn how to use the system. Or spend some hours to explore the system and be able to create the class.

Customizable: it is also very important some LMSs view the ability to change every little thing about the look even the code. But those LMSs can take a lot to learn more.

Organization: also, the organization is available in LMS. If you look to resources ongoing learning support LSM has a built-in library while others do not.


When you come to learners the best LMS is engaging the learners whether it is visually appealing.

Also, it should be easy to learn.

You also make sure, It should be easy to access.

Additional considerations in LMS Features.

Hosing the LMS. Some LMS gives you the ability to take the code and put it on your server. It gives you a lot of control over the people who access the LMS. Some learning management system, however, has to be hosted by the organization create the LMS.

This is an important thing to keep in the mind. Because of some additional cost for the hosting of LMS.

Security is also big issue it you choose the self-hosted LMS you need some security make sure your file is protected from online threats.

It also protecting student data. Understand per law your LMS applying all regulations.

Finally, mobile device access. More and more prominent in the mobile environment some LMSs response and change the layout access to a tablet and smartphone and other LMSs not. And going to be changed for learners using the devices access the LMS we keep all things in mind.

Understanding SCORM and the TinCan API in LMS Features.

Most administration’s LMS typically desired to mix with exiting the current system. This can be a symbol having the user name automatically flow from the database into LMS.

When you come to integrate with the system. There are two terms you should familiar with.

The first one is SCORM and the second one is the TinCan API.

Integrating systems can be a complex process here but break down actually what happens.

 integrating system

Let’s say we have students complete the certifications through a certification program. That certification we want to get available inside the LMS. Whether using the SCORM or TinCan API the code can be automatically sent to a Database for the LMS.

The database which accesses through the LMS is now visible to the students and students can see the certifications and even the test which is not taken by LMS itself.

The first way which is common way system integrate with LMS is through SCORM.

SCORM stands for: Shareable Content Object Reference Model.

Which is a fancy way of saying anything SCORM compliance that two systems can talk together. Having a standard object model allows the LMS be expended in integrated things such as google apps and other even LMSs.

The second one Tin Can API.

The TinCan API is often referring to has the experience API and it does the same thing as SCORM does with the twist. It allows to you capture activity for example the experience API you can understand what exactly which learners exist on which part of learning and when.

As looking at the LMSs it is important to the question.  Whether or not working with SCORM OR TinCan API. In order to make sure extensible for current future needs.

Understanding LMS Basics.

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