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Closer Look at Joomla CMS.

Closer Look at Joomla CMS.

The Joomla CMS is another very popular open source content management system.

Joomla CMS


 A closer Look at Joomla!

  • It extremely powerful CMS capable of creating large, heavily trafficked sites.
  • Despite its power. Straight forward CMS that fits a wide range of site needs.
  • The learning of this CMS curve is fairly small, a beginner web designer can be up and running fairly quickly.

Joomla CMS How it works?


The actual content itself. When content is placed in the system, it is associated with categories.


The organizational mechanism helps give additional meaning and structure to content.


Top-level structural elements that content categories and articles.

  • Content is added to the site and pages created through creating menus.
    • Step 1: Create a menu item.
    • Step 2: Associate it with a Menu Item Type.

(This could be items such as a contact page, blog layout, or single article).

  • Step 3: Page is created, added to the menu, and the selected content is placed on the page base on the Menu Item Type.

Joomla CMS! Templates.

Joomla template is mixed up.

  1. HTML Structure.
  2. Modules means add functionality like menus, search boxes, other plugins functions.
  3. Content Component.

Additional Features.

  • Powerful modules that extend functionality.
  • Robust roles and permissions.
  • Joomla has also a Media manager for organizing external media ( images, or another file type you need on your site.
  • It also supports a Multisite site.
  • It also supports Multilingual support.

One of the integration features of this CMS is that every Joomla install also contains the Moodle Installation. Meaning that in addition powerful content management system tools. It also handles complex E-Learning task.

Joomla and moodle

Typical this CMS Uses.

 Joomla more learn

  • Often identified as targeting designers.
  • Although not as flexible as Drupal, it is easier to set up and use.
  • This CMS Handles both large and small sites well.
  • Large developer community.
  • Hundreds of modules available to extend Joomla!’s core features.



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