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Joining the YouTube Community.

In this lesson, I will tell You, How to Join the YouTube community. Previously we learned about watching YouTube videos, browsing, searching and now If you want to go and explore more YouTube any further on the site and also YouTube Community then You should sign in.


Signing in YouTube.

1 YouTube Community

2 YouTube Community

The first step is to sign in of YouTube community.

The pros of the sign on YouTube.

The two basic reasons for the sign in.

  • To participate more deeply in with videos contents, make comments, like videos, Save videos etc.
  • The second the most exciting is YouTube where you can post your own videos.

So, to get any of that exciting content we need sign in. I show you how it is done.

Here on YouTube homepage. Currently, we are not signed in and I know that because I have the button on the top right say simply sign in.

If I click on that button.  We have a couple more choices. So we can fill our email and password. If you have a Gmail account. You actually already so give username and password.

I am going to fill out my Gmail account and password wait for a for just a moment I want to point out button here if you new to YouTube create an account.

3 YouTube Community

4 YouTube Community

If you are totally new to YouTube or new to Gmail. You do not have the google account any sort. You can create an account by clicking on create account button.

5 YouTube Community

One thing I want to clear about it as it says right here google account is more just the YouTube. What are you doing here? Is creating a google id is also know Gmail id.

Joining the YouTube Community.

Which will use a sign in to all Google services that include Gmail, Google Drive, Google+ everything of that nature? We have no choice about this.

You can have a YouTube account having a Google account just how to work these days. Let me back up and sign in with my existing Google account and password click on sign in.

Now we can see what’s the site look like when I signed in. I am going back by clicking on the YouTube logo.

6 YouTube Community

So, for YouTube does not have much information to customize for us. As you start to use more videos. You see this page adapt to your interests and you will be able to interact with the community more by liking videos, commenting on videos, and eventually adding your own videos.

Likes & Comments.

In YouTube community, it is good things that Likes and dislike are done ans also comments are used.

Now we have signed in YouTube account the number of other possibilities that opened up for us and some of those have to do that having the conversations online.

What’s things you like and why you like them let’s look at liking videos, and also commenting on videos. As you can see that I am on the video page. You can do this sign in any video page at all. But I am on the content video page. You can see that I have the number of buttons here overall eventually but specifically, I want to show you like and also dislike.

7 YouTube Community

If you choose one of these you both maintain list internally of videos you like and dislike but that also be the published the YouTube Community and we can see that some number of people like and some of the people dislike the video.

8 YouTube Community

This is one that we communicate with our YouTube Community and the other way if we scroll down a little bit is to add comments so here we see some top comments and we can add the comment of our own.

9 YouTube Community

The first time we leave the comments we are going to get a warning here let’s know what is going on. That first time leaving the comments with this login. say it is ok I am leaving my comments.

Now, something I type for like in the comment box.

10 YouTube Community

Remember once I posted this comment, the world will see it, think before write you do not want to publish so, really think about it That you are new to YouTube so, it wants to let’s know I said which is you are publishing for the rest of the world.

11 YouTube Community

A big part of the fun on YouTube is to interact with the YouTube Community and one of the first ways we stared interact is liking videos and also commenting on them.

Plays Subscribing.

I want to go over both playlists, and subscribing to channels, and the surface these may seem too similar but some important distinguish and here I want to focus on. I am on the video page on YouTube. Remember I am signed in because I am signed in couple possibilities that are there when you are using anonymously first here add to button if I clicked but I am not signed in. but with the sign in I have the possibilities of adding to a playlist.

12 YouTube Community

13 YouTube Community

Already I have a favourite playlist and watch later playlist. This list is created when we click on later video option and favourite video. But in this case, I want to make a new playlist which is called learning and I can make it either public or private I am selecting here public and then clicking on creating the list.

14 YouTube Community

15 YouTube Community

 Now you notice I have learning playlist.

16 YouTube Community

Which I have created recently. Any time I find anything that fits my definition of learning topic I have added my playlist and I can always go there and see the whole list.

Before I do that, I want to point out appear subscribing the reason that you want to subscribe if you want to see all new videos from a specific user in this case user is called YouTube Creator Academy.

17 YouTube Community

If I click subscribe button then my button will be gray color and subscribed.

18 YouTube Community

When you will click on subscribe-button than you will be subscribed on YouTube Creator Academy channel. If I click on bell icon it means when any new video will be published from  YouTube Creator Academy then I will get the notification that new video has arrived.

19 YouTube Community

For return back to the homepage, we can see how we can access playlist and subscriptions so, first of all, the subscription has been elevated to our home page.

20 YouTube Community

Every channel we subscribed will be listed here on the left-hand side of the home page screen.

You can see also the latest videos from our subscribed channels now are populated in the home page. Additionally, I have the choice of playlists, and we can see my learning playlist now has been added here.

21 YouTube Community

Now every video I have to add here and will appear on this page. The playlist to define your own lists videos that grouped and meaningful you and you can share those or make them private and subscriptions which is when you subscribed all of the videos, being put out the certain users and you will be able to on your home page and have them elevated the top of your searches.


One of the things is really fun YouTube and YouTube community is connecting with your friends online, to share videos there.

Most of the connections are actually done to existing social networks, like, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

I find the interesting the because you used to be the have code in code friends write on YouTube.   But actually this change in favor of better inauguration with the other social networks. so, I think the reality show you how YouTube changes and adapts over the years, and how we can expect to keep adapting and interfacing with other popular web applications.

let’s go to video so we can see the other options that opened up.  So here we have video and you can see if you on the share button at the bottom of the video.

22 YouTube Community

23 YouTube Community

If we share with Facebook because we are connected with Facebook that we can write something and   share directly to our Facebook wall.

24 YouTube Community

You see there all about integrating with these other socials networks from the YouTube site, it sees this type of sociability is actually linking in the accounts.

25 YouTube Community

26 YouTube Community

There is a number of ways that you can integrate with social media and YouTube. We will look in more detail in future lessons. But for now, we successfully linked with our account to Facebook account and this linking to other social networks is the core how we socialize on YouTube


Now we have been using the login in YouTube we have seen few times a link that we can change our settings, so before we done here, I want to go ahead and look at all of settings choices.

We have up at top right hand of the screen you can drop down little log in the menu so see the number of choices some for google account but some specific YouTube.

27 YouTube Community

Click on settings which is YouTube settings specific to our account here we have a lot of information where we can change account information like name, account type, account settings, managers also additional features.

28 YouTube Community

Next, we have Our connected accounts where you can connect with Twitter.

29 YouTube Community

Next, we have privacy, it is also necessary for YouTube community. Where we can also decide there are likes and subscriptions can be private or public as the people can be connected or searches, here you can control, how frequently YouTube sends you the email. You can micro man exactly what is notifications.

30 YouTube Community

Next, we YouTube notifications let you know when there are new videos and updates from your favorite channels and other content. … You can use the directions underneath to correct your notifications or turn them off completely.

31 YouTube Community

Playback: it shows Annotations and in-video notifications. Play back although you can control each of them, things or individual, video, this is your default, your accounts, though if you have no bandh width connection you have YouTube not even try high bandwidth video if annotations are knowing to you than you can turn off, and you can also decide the all we show in captions, that is deep look. YouTube settings that come with singed into the account.

32 YouTube Community

When you change to the settings menu, select “Connected TVs,” at that time “Add a TV.” Follow the instructions given on the screen. After that, you go to the YouTube app on your TV or console, find settings, find “Pair device” option, and enter the pairing code on your Android device. Then you should be up and running!

33 YouTube Community

Many things controllable from other places, but settings where you can control. The default. Your entire account.


You can also upload any video for YouTube community. YouTube is all about sharing videos and so far we watched in listed and liked and now it is time to upload our first video, I have already video and in future lessons we will look at some details, how to edit and compress and upload but in this lesson, we can do just to do the  step inside the YouTube upload the file that already is prepared or at-least in the form that can be uploaded to YouTube.

Here in the current home page and you notice that I already signed in.

34 YouTube Community

Which can be totally necessary so, if you not signed in, so sign in first, then click on the upload button  and take very simple interface do this you can see at right more advanced options.

35 YouTube Community

Ways the looking video so capture directly from webcam and create slideshow even used build video editor but I just want to upload and prepare the video. So that as the instructions says I can drag my videos, to that hot spot, or click and browse.

36 YouTube Community

37 YouTube Community

So, I click and browse (get that video which you want to upload) select file then you would see the progress of the video is uploading even while it is uploading.

We can go ahead and start to fill in some metadata, we have the file name here.

38 YouTube Community

Fill title Testing file for YouTube.

Description This file has been created for how to upload a YouTube file.

Tags YouTube Learning.

Description and tags will help to user to find out the video. We fill our meta date in Description for finding and more searchable.

You can see that your video is not uploaded. Upload is complete.

39 YouTube Community

See there is a live link also we have some choices of the thumbnail at the bottom and these have come from our videos. Remember thumbnail is an initial poster from that shows up a link or shortcut of our video everywhere on the site.

Everything we have done. Now just click and see the video by clicking on the live link at the left-hand side.

40 YouTube Community

41 YouTube Community

42 YouTube Community

43 YouTube Community

Now my video is running quite well. It is our first upload to YouTube. If you have never done before so do it is easy.

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