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Javascript Introduction.

So, before we start to write some JavaScript get Javascript Introduction cleared up, it is very common to see JavaScript refer to as one of the three core languages of web pages.

You have the HTML markup language used for content structured what is your headline how many div is on your page and how many paragraphs are on your page. What are the contents of the paragraph?

JavaScript Introduction

CSS the style sheet language which shows presentation the font headline, use what is the background of the page, what is the width of div etc.

JavaScript is the programming language. Used for behaviour and interactivity.

web languages

It is a programming language and it is used for behaviour and interactivity what happened when you mouse over the menu and what happens when you type the wrong value and form field.

The key is pressed how long the photo takes slide show and take to move from one image to next.

Javascript Introduction

JavaScript is a programming language that you often hear references to as scripting language and sometimes you hear some software developer dismissed JavaScript as just being a Scripting language.

What is mean by that? Is JavaScript intentionally limited? I can write a desktop application I do with C++, Java also with.Net.

operating system

JavaScript only works with other application like web browser whether, IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, they all have JavaScript engine inside them.

The operating system runs the web browsers and the web browser contains the page and the page contains the JavaScript.

Other way JavaScript is limited it has not to access the file system that the computer where it is running on and there is no way to open and save the file system. It also does not talk to the database. Similarly, does not work with USB.

JavaScript was not designed for general purposes programming languages. But it was designed to manipulate web pages.

JavaScript is a client-side language.

 JavaScript is client side scripting


What you should know.

You do not need to be a Programmer (Though it’s great if you are).

Now as you know when the user opens his browser and request the page from your website. Then it sends HTML and CSS plan text and you let their browser take care of the interpreter and rendering it.

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language. It is sent to the user computer and runs there.

JavaScript in Web Pages.

Today’s web sites need to go much beyond HTML. There is a definite need to allow users, browsing through a web site, to accept users input and dynamically structure web page content, tailor-made, to a user’s requirements.

This may be as simple as ensuring a web page delivered to a user, having a background colour that the user is comfortable with or as complex as delivering a web page with special textual formatting for a user with visual disabilities.

Users who browse through a web site today, prefer to choose to view what interests them. Hence even the content of a web page needs to be dynamic, based on what a user wishes to see.

This requires a web site development environment that will allow the creation of  “Interactive” web pages. These web page will accept input from a user. Based on the input received return customized web page, both in content and presentation, to the user.

In the absence of any user input, the web site must be intelligent enough to return a default web page containing predetermined information a text formatting.

This calls for a web site development environment with coding techniques capable of accepting a client’s request and processing these requests. This result of the processing being passed back to the client via a standard HTML page.

The need to return a standard HTML page, that map to a user’s input, is due to the fact that browsers use HTTP to communicate with a web server and are designed to interpret and render HTML on a client’s machine.

Capturing user request is traditionally done via a ‘form’ Hence the web site development environment needs to have the facilities to create forms.

After a form captures user input, the form must have a bit in technique for sending the information captured back to the web server for processing. The processing of user request is generally done via script (small programs) that are based on the server.

The web site development environment should also provide the facility for ‘Validating’ user input. Invalid user input, will either cause data to be sent back from the web server the browser, which is not what the user wants or give rise to an error message being sent back to the browser for the webserver. Neither of which would really attract.

Netscape and JavaScript.

JavaScript is a scripting language (web site development environment) created by Netscape hence JavaScript works best with the Netscape suite of Client and server products.

The Netscape client ‘client’ browser product is called Netscape Communicator. The default scripting language that Netscape Communicator understands is JavaScript.

One Netscape server product, from its suite of server products, is Netscape Commerce Server. The default scripting language that Netscape Commerce Server understands is JavaScript.

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