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Best JavaScript Development Tools.

JavaScript Development Tools.

In this article, we will learn about JavaScript Development Tools, Some programming languages are tide closing to certain developments environment and platforms.

If you tell me writing iPhone Apps I am going to assume you will use Object C on Max and Xcode. If you are writing.Net Apps sure you are probably using C# or of Visual Studio on Windows (PC).

JavaScript has no such associations. So, when I am asked what Application recommended for writing and editing JavaScript, my answer is “Whatever you’re using already.”

JavaScript Development Tools

JavaScript has no such association, there is no true program.  So when I am asked which application recommend for writing and editing JavaScript. my answer always is.

“Whatever you’re using already. If you use Dreamweaver to make your web pages stay and write your JavaScript. “

The Best Tool to Write JavaScript?

  • Adobe  Dreamweaver.
  •  XCode.
  • Visual Studio.
  • Textmate.
  • NetBeans.
  • Emacs.
  • BBEdit.
  • Slick Edit.
  • Text Wrangler.
  • Aptana Studio.
  • Komodo.

Whatever, if you know your way around that stay there. Every modern web developer or programmer applications support JavaScript editing.

The second set of JavaScript Tools is more important than the operating system and more important than even your editing environment the Web Browsers.

This is where the code runs, you may have a favourite web browser most people do but there is no excuse that having all major browsers.

I also would suggest having the latest versions. The benefit of the latest browsers that JavaScript tools get a lot better and that is most important for us.

You should also go and install or if you have already Web browser Inspecting Tools.

Inspecting Elements.

Web Browser Development Toolset.

Google Chrome.

·         Developer Tools.

Mozilla Firefox.

·         Firebug.

Internet Explorer.

·         Developer Toolbar.


·         Dragonfly.


·         Developer Tools.

The benefit of using inspecting tools is You can check your JavaScript file in the web browser, without creating an HTML file.

I recommended installing Mozilla and its inspect tool.



Enabled the console.

Enabled the console

Hit enter.

4 Enabled the console

5 Enabled the console



Command Editor.

7 Command Editor

8 Command Editor

9 Command Editor

 Hit Enter.

Left side shows as the mirror you can see what have you typed on right side.

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