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Internet Use and Abuse

Internet Use and Abuse.

This article focuses on Internet Use and Abuse. It depends on the user how does the user use the Internet. There are two ways of using the Internet. Which can be said correct or incorrect. We see now a day using the Internet is increasing. The Internet is becoming the need of everyone.

Internet Use and Abuse


·       The Internet is growing faster than all other technologies that have preceded it. Radio existed for 38 years before it had 50 million listeners and television tool 13 years to reach that number of viewers.

·       In 1994, only 3 million people were connected to the Internet. By the end of 1997, more than 100 million were using it.

·       One in four adults in the USA and Canada now use the Internet, of which the World Wide Web is just one one part.

·       The number of personal computers hooked up to the Internet is expected to triple to 268 million by 2001, according to Dataquest Inc., a San Jose, California, market research firm.

Internet Called “the mother of all networks, “ the Internet, or simple “Net” is an international network connecting approximately 140,000 smaller networks in more than 200 countries. These networks are formed by educational, commercial, non-profit, government, and military entities.


·       Since internet is the network of the net works, therefore, the information which some fines create the problem as a special of viruses.

·       Another big issue is the security problem as hacks intrude in the web site of the organization & encrypted the data. Because of the multiple user facilities of internet security of data always on the stack.

·       The most of the core issue of the internet is children pornography & the people engaged this business has been exploited children & teens towards misleading social human values.

·       A great many people are concerned about the loss of their right to privacy. Indeed, one survey found that 80% of the people contacted worried that they had lost “all control” of the personal information being collected and tracked by computers. Although the government is constrained by several laws on acquiring and disseminating information and listening in on private conversations there are reasons to be alarmed.


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