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Internet Technologies

Internet Technologies.

In this article, we will learn about Internet Technologies. The Internet has resulted in new technologies that combine PC capabilities with telephone, radio, television, and three-dimensionality.

Internet Technologies

let’s start Internet Technologies with followings:

  1. Telephone.
  2. Radio.
  3.  TV.
  4. 3-D.

Telephones on the Net.

With Internet telephony – using the Net to make phone calls, either one-to-one or for audio conferencing – it’s possible to make long-distance phone calls that are surprisingly inexpensive.

Sending overseas telephone calls via the Net, in fact, costs only a small fraction of international phone charges.

Telephony can be performed using a PC with a sound card and a microphone, a modem linked to a standard internet service provider, and the right software.

Radio on the Net.

“I read an article recently that talked about special, software for picking up Internet radio”, Declared the letter to science journalist David Einstein.

Desktop radio broadcasting is here – both music and spoken programming – and has been since the 1995 unveiling of Real Audio software, which can compress sound so it can be played in real-time, even though sent over telephone lines.

You can, for instance, listen to 24-hour a day net. Radio, which features “vintage rock”, or English – language services of 19 shortwave outlets from World Radio Network in London.

“The implications of the new technology are enormous, “says one computer writer. “It could provide a global soapbox for political parties, religious movements, and other groups that lack access to broadcast services.

Television on the Net.

You can already visit the Web on television, as with WebTV. But can you get television programs over the Internet? Real Player  offers live, television-style broadcasts over the Internet for viewing on your PC screen You download Real Player, install it, then point your browser to the site featuring Real Video.

For the past couple of years, several television broadcasters (such as NBC, CNN, and MTV) have used a technology called interacts, which simultaneously delivers TV broadcast and selected Web pages to your PC. The main appeal is that you can access Web home pages related to the television program.

 3-D on the Net.

Three – dimensionality may be one of the tougher challenges because so far the computer can’t update images as fast as the human eye, so that says one writer, “walking through 3-D cyber stores usually feels like staggering, which literally makes some people sick.

Still, some companies are trying to bring 3-D to the Web using the software technology called VRML (for Virtual Reality Modeling Language.

Silicon Graphics offers a 3-D viewer called VRML2 to supplement browsers so that, for instance, users can zoom in on a realistic image of a car they want to buy Microsoft and Netscape’s Navigator / Communicator and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

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