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Understanding Internet Protocols.

The internet relies on millions of computers all over the world communications with each other but without Internet protocols, it is not possible.

Internet protocols

These computers might run on different hardware and different operating systems in also different software.


This should give you some ideas about how important internet protocols are.

  • Protocols are simple languages that let computers share data with each other.
  • Regardless of software or operating system.
  • The internet uses a group of protocols commonly referred to as The Internet Protocol Suite.

This suit contains multiple types of protocols that design for specific tasks such as networking rules and data transfer.

You also probably heard about.


Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol. Created in 1973, it has become the main protocol suite used to exchange data over the internet.

It is the backbone of the internet and its main way data is sent and received.

You must know about the Internet Protocol Suite. It is helpful to know that a set of a generic set of protocol.

The internet uses multiple layers of protocol that handles different tasks.internet Protocol suite

Application layer.

Which handles the creating and sharing data over the web.

This layer probably the most interesting one to design since it has protocols like above in the application layer.

Link Layer.

How a router connects with each other over the network.

The Transport layer.

Which control how ports are assigned.

Internet Layer.

Which defines the addressing in routing structure for the date across the network it is the important thing that the internet would not work at all without these protocols they allow any computer in the world network with other computers.

No matter how much distance or type of computer is being used.

For most protocols will need to know specific unless you write an application of stream, building check client starch it does help.

However the basic understanding of protocol that sends and receive your web contents see we are going to take look HTTP and other widely used web protocols next.

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