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Install WordPress Using Softaculous cPanel.

In this lesson, we will learn how to Install WordPress using Softaculous (cPanel Hosting). WordPress is a free open source software.

That is accessible for install in your (cPanel Hosting) Softaculous installer for free.


Before install WordPress using Softaculous it is very necessary to understand how to How to Choose Domain Name. After understanding Choosing Domain Name also we must understand how to choose Web hosting.

So, after understanding both Domain Name and Choosing Hosting. Let’s start how to install WordPress using softaculous.

After purchasing the domain name and hosting package.

So, first of all.

Open the web browser.

Type following coding.


When you click on enter.

The following screen will be opened and will ask about the username and password.

cpanel log in screen

In the username, box type the username of Your Website, which Hosting company has provided to you. When you apply for hosting than hosting provider company sends an email and mentioned username and password for cPanel admin.

After giving username and password following screen will be displayed.

This screen is called the Control Panel of your website.

You can see the following screen.

cpanel home page

softaculous apps installer

From softaculous Apps Installer Catg:

Select WordPress.

 softacolous home page



When you click on the install button you would see the following image.

Choose the version you want to install: means when you click on this option you would see many versions but you click top option, it means you select the latest version of WordPress.

software setup

Choose Initial URL: In the first option: select protocol which you want to display.

The second option to choose your domain.

A third option is an option if you want to create the directory on your root folder then type that directory name. otherwise, leave it as blank. (blank is recommended.)

site settings

Site Name: Use your site name.

Site Description: Define site description.

Enable Multisite (WPSMU): If you use multisite so check on it, otherwise leave it unchecked.

 admin account

Admin Username: Use here admin name.

Admin Password: Use a strong password.

Admin Email: Use the admin email.

 choose language

Any language you can select.

select plugins

Keep the above setting as default.

advanced options

Leave Advanced Options as default. WordPress keeps its setting automatically.

choose themes

Choose Theme for your WordPress site then click on the Install button.

When you click on install then you would see the following images.

 wordpress installations progress 1

wordpress installation progress 2

After complete the successful installation of WordPress, you would see the following image.

Congratulations, you have learned how to Install WordPress using softaculous (cPanel Hosting).

You can visit your installed the site by using your site URL in Web Browsers.

 visit url after wordpress installation

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