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How to Install Windows 10 Apps.

How to Install Windows 10 Apps.

In this lesson, we will learn How to Install Windows 10 Apps, where I have discussed following topics.

Install Windows 10 Apps

  • Store.
  • Install Web.
  • Defaults.
  • Permissions.
  • Uninstall.


There are a lot of useful applications come bundle with windows 10. Where you want Install Windows 10 Apps or need to Install some others applications.  There are few ways to Install Windows 10 Apps. You should probably start with the windows store.

To launch windows store.

Task bar.

Store icon

Or open from Start menu.


 store applications

Some are free and some are paid.

Install Web.

As the nice the windows store may be the probably the time you need to install new software that is not available in windows store in that case probably need to download to install that application from the web.

Let’s look the typical scenarios it is very normal to install different web browsers of windows comes with the edge web browser but you many want to install something else like Firefox or chrome and need of those are available in apps store.

So, let’s install chrome from the web now we will need to edge browser you go on the web and find the software which you want to install.

Install Web


In this article, I want to take a look application defaults .

There are certain things to you want to computer trigger application like opening the web page you want to launch your web browser or opening an audio file and want to launch media player. You might have multiple application who are capable opening the same type of file. That what the default for. I want to point out to install a few new applications here chrome and Firefox are both web browsers possible alternative to add edge and quick time player is a media player it is alternative to applications like groove music or movie, or tv programs.




Default Apps.



When we talk about installing apps from windows 10 store we saw something about permission.

Apps that you want to install and even the apps come with bundle of windows might need to use specific features your computer like your location and information and your internet connection or the build in camera or others for each application you use and you should be asking yourself. Whether you willing to grant to that permission so its take a look at the setting related to those permission.




 privacy option


At some points probably going to you want to remove some apps that you have installed.

Let’s look the process how to uninstall application.


Select application and right click on it.


Another way.




 Uninstall apps and others

 apps features

Another way of Uninstalling.

 other way uninstalling

 control panel

uninstall programs

Select any application.


Noted: Those programs are installed by store those programs will be removed directly. Others will be removed by controls add/remove option.





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