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Install Google Analytics WordPress.

In this lesson, we will learn to Install google analytics WordPress. Once you have finished the Setup Google Analytics of your account you are going to be taken this screen which includes your tracking code.

google analytics WordPress

Google Analytics adds really valuable tracking to your website it is free and easy to set up in your account and you generate small code snippets.

Which you place on your website, once setup googles collect data where your traffic is coming from what users are doing on the website.

What content most popular you can even configure goal tracking if you have specific actions people take on your site so setup googles analytics.

This is the code copy and pastes on every page of your track on your website.

google analytics code in google analytics WordPress

Now if you did not find that page, you left after the page sign up process completed to get here choose admin at the top of the screen after you locking this account and verify that account you selected here on the left, the property here on the centre and the below the property you will find the 3rd link label tracking info.

 google analytics code page

I select that and choose the tracking code that menu that appears here is the again same page the I saw earlier this is your tracking code you notice that you will click into the box.

Google is going to select the entire tracking code.

 see tracking code

 copy tracking code

You can simply use ( ctrl+C ) copy that clipboard and you paste this entire code into WordPress website or any website.

But we have to install google analytics WordPress.

  • Open WordPress Admin Panel.
  • Monster Insights is the best plugin for Google Analytics and WordPress.
  • Install Monster Insights plugin from the Plugin option. (see below image.)

Monster Insights on google analytics WordPress

 Monster Insights activate

As soon as you will activate the plugin then immediately the following image will appear.

Monster Insights 1

8 Monster Insights 2

Click the launch of the wizard.

Monster Insights 3

Save and Continue.

10 Monster Insights 4

11 Monster Insights in google analytics WordPress gmail

12 Monster Insights 6

13 Monster Insights 7

14 Monster Insights 8

15 Monster Insights 9

16 Monster Insights 10

17 Monster Insights 11

18 Monster Insights 12

19 Monster Insights 13

20 Monster Insights 14

21 Monster Insights 15

It on throughout your site, you can also send to your web developer you have one ask them to install them for you on your website.

Remember that you have to paste in at directly above the ending head tag, I go ahead and paste that code you can see the information google associate here and I simply add this and re-uploaded to my webserver.

22 Monster Insights 16

Now If you are using WordPress you have the option simply include your google tracking id to add this to your site.

Google Analytics WordPress.

In WordPress, you can do that with theme supporting and plugins and tracking id is a unique number starting with the UA that means Universal Analytics I am going to back to website tracking and here you see again tracking ID so if you are using WordPress plugins or another site has a tracking ID field you can simply copy and paste this UI-343434-and paste into the tracking ID section.

24 Monster Insights in google analytics WordPress

You can also go to reporting sections of your analytics account on the left-hand side choose real-time and the overview.

If you visit your site, you get number zero. It means not to visit your site.

If you have 1 active user or more than one, on the site, then it means your analytics is working fine.

If it is staying zero it means your tracing is not working and you need to investigate exactly what’s wrong it is really that simple to get google analytics configured and setup.

After you have installed the tracking you will be ready to go right away.

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