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How to Inspect Website.

How to Inspect Website.

It is a very important step to Inspect Website after developing. One habit you should take up a very early in the process of learning web design is to inspect early and often.  you need not only be testing your sites as you developed them but after that alive as well.

Inspect Website

Inspect website throughout the design process will allow to you find errors quickly. So, take a look at the couple of methods you can use for inspecting the sites.

Step No. 1.

You should have a good and robust editor, who find out your errors of the page. If a code editor has syntax highlighting or error messaging options.

This is one of the code editors out there you can use “Adobe Dreamweaver” and there are many tools who offer this highlighting error messaging. You can use various methods for finding errors.

So, take advantage of the tools you are using. Use robust tool editor and take the advantage of it. So, research the tools online who offer to inspect website options.

Step No. 2

Beside your code editor also  Web browsers themselves are really another better way, means testing your pages and finding out what is going on and what is happening.

  • Google Chrome (web dev tool).
  •  Right-click on the page.
  • inspect elements.
  •  (if you feel any error then right-click).

                                                            Inspecting Elements.

Web Browser Development Toolset
Google Chrome Developer Tools
Mozilla Firefox Firebug
Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar 
Opera Dragonfly
Safari Developer Tools 

How to Validate Web Page.

Some other free services are out there.


 validate options

You can check your code for validating.

Checking Page Speed.

You also have a lot of tools available to you for checking site speed.

Page Speed inside the tool. You can search in google other free tools also.

There are many other tools for testing the speed of the website.

 page speed

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