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A complete Inpage Urdu Tutorial.

A complete Inpage Urdu Tutorial.

An Introduction of Inpage Urdu.

Inpage Urdu is a word processor and page layout software for the language such as Urdu, Sindhi, Persian, Pashto, and Arabic under Windows and Mac Which was first developed in 1994. It is primarily used for creating pages in the language of Urdu.

Inpage Urdu

Same we can use to Images programs like CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. In Addition, we use Inpage Urdu for Graphic Designing.

This Inpage Urdu program is like others editors, where we can work with the file, also we can use cut, copy, paste, find, replace and etc.

Urdu Alphabet.

Urdu Alphabet

Urdu Alphabet with english

Sindhi Alphabet.

Sindhi Alphabet

Sindhi Alphabet


 interface of Inpage

Title Bar.

 Title Bar

Menu Bar.

Menu Bar

Property Bar.

 Property Bar

Tool Bar.

Tool Bar.



Working Area.

 Working Area.

Minimize, Maximize, Close.

 Minimize, Maximize, close.

Master Page, Pager Numbers, Zoom.

 Master Page, Pager Numbers, Zoom.

Status Bar (It is located at bottom of Inpage screen).

Status Bar

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