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What is Information Technology (IT)?

What is Information technology (IT)?

Information technology (I.T) is the part of the information system and information system is the idea of using computers, technologies, and people knowledge. Information technology is the using computers, and different types of technologies and transfer information over internet/network and sharing information.

Information Technology

So you see commercial kinds of IT, product focused, web based IT. It focuses on share information, selling products, a lot of public sectors, Health sector, running the government and private institutions. Driver licenses, human security, Etc.

Another the definition, Information Technology is a technology that merges to the computer with high-speed communication links carrying data like pictures, sound, and videos. Where we can send, and received information from one place to another place. The information can be in form of as I mentioned above data, pictures, sound, and videos.

Importance & capabilities Information Technology.

In addition, the computer is vital in this modern age of human determinations. The common use of the computer is rapidly changing the nature of work. Its effect is begin felt in industries, banks, education etc, hence, the computer is used to resolve the complex and time overwhelming difficulties.

It also increases the productivity of an organization. The computer can remove needless over time dropping need upon the unreliable person or external works.

Followings fields of I.T, where most people are interested.

  • Computer System Analyst.
  • Cloud Specialist.
  • Forensic Investigator.
  • I.T Health Specialist.
  • Database Administrator.
  • Web Developer.
  • I.T Manager.
  • I.T Vendor Manager.
  • Computer Systems Administrator.
  • Mobile Application Developer.

What is Information Technology in short?

1.       Information Technology is Sharing& Solving the problems.

2.      Thinking and processing.

3.      Making money (Now a day, people are earning online through using Information Technology.)

4.      Saving lives.

5.      Changing the world.

6.      I.T is presented in learning & Teaching Environment.

7.      I.T is in your pocket also at your fingertips.

8.      It is everywhere. (Business, Lab, Hospital, on the Radio, on the movies, offices, Vehicles etc).

What is Computer?

Computer Generations.

Computer History.

The Classification of Computer Type.

Classification of the computer according to size.

Input Devices.

Output Devices.

Primary Storage Devices.

Secondary Storage Devices.

Application Software.

System Software.


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