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How WordPress Works?

Before we begin working with WordPress, it is important that How WordPress Works. This will make it easier to grasp what happens when we set up WordPress first time and When you create and publish new content in WordPress first time and when you extend WordPress with new them and Plugins.


As I explain in previous lessons. WordPress is an application works along with the site database and server. Now I dive in a little bit deeper.

1 wordpress works

2 03 things we need in wp How WordPress Works

For WordPress, We Need 03 Things.

  1. WordPress itself.
  2. A Web server that supports PHP and MySQL WordPress can be stored and run.
  3. Finally, Database that store data.

Look at how WordPress installed and configured you can see.

For now, let’s look at how WordPress works once everything is up and running.

In WordPress, we can make a number of types of content.

understanding contents and customization How WordPress Works

Understanding Content and Customization How WordPress Works.

  • Posts.
  • Pages.
  • Media items.

Every of the above these has comments associated with them each can be extended with below items through.

  • Themes.
  • Plugins.

A new post page and media item are created and the new entry is made in the WordPress database containing all the information associated with that item.

  • Title.
  • Content.
  • Author.
  • Publishing data.
  • Relationships and so on.

4 Adding new items

If the file is uploaded there are also reference the relationships created for the future to retrieval once the item is published that can be accessed through the web using the URL.

When the users enter the URL then WordPress retrieves the data from the database and populates the correct template for that content based on the currently available theme.

The result is what the user will perceive as your website.

5 function of wp

6 leave reply

Finally, If the visitors choose to leave the comments about the item. It will be entered into the database and associated with the item for future retrieval.

What makes the process powerful is that rather than building new web pages in the form of individual HTML documents.

7 static

When we use WordPress we just create database entries and the application builds the pages on the fly when they are requested by the visitors.

8 dynamic

There is no page and There is only the idea of a page realized when someone visits the URL through the browser.

9 there is no page

This is also meaning you can edit the content of the item any time and you can change the appearance of the one piece of content or your entire site without changes the content itself. You learn how to do all of this as we progress through this course.

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