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How to Use WordPress Links.

In this lesson, we will learn how to use WordPress links. The reason for creation and the popularity of the web is the ability to create a hyperlink within or between documents.


Creating & Editing WordPress Links.

When we use the web today, it is harder to remember the time when you could simply click on the web to get the information you wanted now it is time to create links in WordPress suppose content on the web or the content on own the site.

Links are created in the content editor by highlighting some content, word or sentence or may image, some other type of content and clicking the insert edit button, in the content editor toolbar.

In the post editor.

Insert edit link

select text.

Insert/edit link.

Once I clicked the insert edit link button, I get the little windows that popups up, and tell me that links text so, this is the text which I have highlighted and also asks for a destination URL.

Now I can go to a web browser and find out any website ( that URL which I want to link to here in this example I get You can choose any website. It’s up to you.

After choosing and selecting the URL then copy that URL entirely and switch to WordPress and paste that URL.

Insert edit link more

Now I have 02 options. I can either click on the blue Add link, the link is edited automatically, but if I do that visitors come and click the link.

That link will open in the same windows so that no longer on my site, now it on

If another hand I want to link open separate tab. I simply check that box, that link will open in new windows.

 link will be opened

Go to the web and find the link for giving as URL. Click Add link.

Now link will open new windows or tab.

For testing how it works.

I click on preview which is located on the right-hand corner.

 preview changes

Click on the linked text. You would see the desired result.

You see the result in a new tab of the browser.

Now If I want to edit my link.

You click any link in the editor.

Click on edit see in the below image.

5 edit links

6 edit links more options

7 edit links more options

You will get new windows to make changes here.

Or you click on the insert link from the formatting toolbar. You can also make changes.

Here I have chosen yahoo.

Remove or Edit Link.

Likewise, if you want to remove the link.

 Select link.

Select link. Click on remove option

8 remove link


From content editor in the toolbar.

Click the remove button.

So, this covers the links pointing to other places on the web.

What about links that point content on my site.

Well, I have taken the page, already has created on my page, and I want to link it with it.

  1. Select that text with you want to use as the link text.
  2. Click the insert/edit button. (a window will be opened).
  3. Click the or link to existing content.
  4. That opens up of all the available content on my site
  5. Select that page/text which you want to link to
  6. 9 links that points
  1. When you select page or text for linking to you would notice in URL then it automatically gets the linking text.
  2. Add link.

For checking see in the preview.

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