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How to Upload Website.

In this article, we will learn about How to Upload Site. Regardless of how you choose to your site, some time, you need to upload your files from your local development environment to live web server.

Covers some way that you contents online which account you have if you have hosted service CMS or any other blogging platform, chances are you can be writing and uploading contents directly from the admin panel of your sites.

How to Upload Website

In those cases, you either generate the contents by typing into provided the editor you are going to upload content through some type of file upload that built into the service.

Lets you installing a running the CMSs yourself it is really doubtful can have local development copy of the site on your own computer and these cases you are going to simply follow the platform instructions that generating and uploading contents.

If you use hosting company for hosting your site, chances are you can need to upload content yourself.

I just give you an overview some of the options have uploading your site to hosted server this should look familiar to you.

This is my web server files manager panel and I am looking at the. We talked before how to you can just sort out browser through to your site and manage your files.

You can also upload and download files.

How to Upload Website.

  2. Go to Cpanel of your website. For which you have been provided username and password. Put the username and password.
  3. cpanel login
  4. upload site

For Upload files & Download Files.

 upload files

FTP software some programs need but like Dreamweaver and Aptana have own FTP.

 file management

 file zilla

 local and remover server

For Configuration FTP.

configuration ftp

configuration files

Web Disk.

It treats like the hard drive. You can drag and drop.

 Web disk

Using versioning software.

  • version control software like git or subversion can also be used to publish content.
  • programs like git tie into your web server and Push “commit” after you’re fine shed developing locally.
  • The system will track changes and allow you to roll back to earlier versions.
  • Most versions of control systems are driven by command line prompts and can be complex to set up and run.
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