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Setup Google Analytics.

In this lesson, we will learn about how to Setup Google Analytics. A google analytics account is more the container source, it can be used for one purpose or group the data multiple sites together.


overview of google analytics account

A property is just a website or mobile application each property gets unique tracing id and tall to google analytics to collect and store all of the data gatherings typically you generate separate accounts for unique businesses, and then you can create unique properties within that account from changed websites, mobile applications, or other digital assets, that they belong to the business.

Within each property you can create different views, to your data, a view how you will access reports, for example: within the property, you might have once the view of all data for, and one view only AdWords traffic, for and then one view only traffic sub-domain like, say my by default you have one un-filter view.

That is automatically generated when you create a property you won’t apply any setting and configurations to this view, since it really just back up your data, once you delete a view, it’s gone forever. So having a backup view, like an un-filter data view, is very useful.

We will talk about views later but, if you taking notes, you really want to have one master view, and a test view, a test view allows to you a configure test see how things change over time, then that is great you want to do that before you do changes in your master view, when you create a new view google analytics does not automatically copy any historical data, in your original view, to the new view so only have the data starting from date to you create the view.

Setup Google Analytics Account.

We have taken a quick look at how accounts works, its time to create one, you start by visiting and it will bring to your page, similar to this,

Google Analytics main pageHowever, I point out that Google changes its sign-ups forms and landing pages, from time to time, so even the page layout or forms specific tweaked you should not have any trouble following along, all the information should be about the same, regardless the layout of the page.

Moreover, as go to sign up process I am not covering any configuration we just review the common features that you want to start out with, customize analytics your business, so go ahead and start, choosing to create account here upper right-hand corner of the window.

create google analytics account

It is Google that you to want to sign-in in the existing google account,  this might be a bit confusing if you are not using Google’s any other services.

More Information about Google Account.

There is a difference a google account and analytics account, your google account is an umbrella you use the sign in other services such as Gmail or AdWords.

Your analytics account is container all the information we looked earlier. I am going to assume most of you already have Google account, so you go ahead and perceived by signing with it, I do recommend that you use an account associated with whatever you will be set.

So, If you are registering analytics for business, you might get use the business google account, versus personal one, if you do not have Google account.

Setup Google Analytics.

Create Google Analytics Account.

You can follow the prompts below that is create an account at the bottom of the screen you need to verify your account via email, or through the text message and you will arrive at the next step I am going to head sign in with the existing google account.

create google analytics account

So, first thing first google is going to show you. The three steps we are going to take to get the setup.

Setup Google Analytics.

First, we will sign google analytics we will add our tracking code, and we learn about audience now in this lesson, we only the cover sign up process we will talk about tracking code in next lesson. So we choose to sign up here on the right hand on the screen.

 Google analytic options

Google analytic options 2

First thing first we need to tell Google in Setup Google Analytics. What we are tracing? Either the website or Mobile App?

 4 Google analytic options of website

I assume that you also want to website start with and now we are going to follow that path and leave the website selected.

Next, Google is going to inform you tracking method and the website tracking method uses what call universal analytics, and that is tracking ID that we are going to get.

later on, next, we are going to provide you account name and this is typically the name of your business.

But feel free to name whatever makes sense for your account and remember the account is going to contain properties.

Which we setup next, first we enter our website name.

Setting Up Your Property.

 Website Name

Now you can choose the enter domain name and or generic name for your website whatever you enter here is strictly for your records, it is not going to impact how Google gathers the data, on my part I enter here computertaleem, than enter your website URL, you can enter on your own site. Which site you have.

Actually, it is the domain name of our website and you want to track. I want to point out that on the left-hand side there is a drop-down, and this allows you to choose, between HTTP or HTTPS you want to confirm, which version of the website is using.

 https or http

Here I give myself and now it is up to you what are you using.

After that, there is an industry category you can choose for matching your site. I choose my self here. catg of website

This is going to help to google to benchmarking for us, benchmarking is really cool, because what it does, it allows to us, get how our site performing against others in the same category and going to show us, the actual sites, but it is going to give us some baselines information this is actually really helpful. I recommend choosing a category that closely matches what are you doing so, in this case, computertaleem related options I will choose I click and scroll down see the options, and I choose most closely.

 time zone

After it, you choose to report time. Select the country and time zone which matches with the country.

more options

After that Google is going to give you some options to check this is all about data sharing and data sharing is all about information that you will give to Google, you can read the privacy policy which is a link available in the first paragraph or you can learn more about these data-sharing options by selecting learn more.

Here in the second paragraph I advice leaving all checks and mainly it because you are going to get access to other aggregated data technically support and even marketing g specials that can help you along your journey as your account grows these resources can become valuable.

But review them individually, and if you would you like you can check out how Google safe your data, we get a complete picture of what’s happening to leave this check, from here you choose, tracking id, now you need to agree to terms and agreements, read through this,  and then choose I accept and just like that this is Setup Google Analytics account. Next lesson we will learn how to use tracking info.

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