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How to Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress.

In this lesson, we will learn How to Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress. Images are well and good if you ask some of the coolest stuff of the web can be found audio and video format and chances are when you find the YouTube videos or sound cloud file, you want to share your blog, or thanks to WordPress that technology called oEmbed this site easier than ever.


Let’s look How to Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress.

To Embed YouTube video In your WordPress post or you find the video on YouTube and want to copy the URL from address and paste into the content editor.

There is a video inside the YouTube which I want to put on WordPress site.

Now there is a post.

Go to post.

1 wordpress post

Go to that place where you want to insert video.

2 video option

3 Video option

4 video url

Go to YouTube.

4 select video from youtube

copy URL and paste into the post of WordPress.

5 copy url

place the cursor and paste the copied URL.

6 paste video url

Then WordPress will go and treat that this like YouTube.

Now I have the playable video in WordPress editor.

Click on play button then the video will be on.

Noted: I also can copy embed code by clicking the share button.

Click on the share button.

7 share

11 edit url with embed code

You can also copy the above code and paste into WordPress as I explained Previously.

Learn Edit URL How to Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress.

If you want to use another video then you have to click on the edit button. See the following steps.

9 edit url

When you click on Edit URL you would see the following image.

10 edit url and paste

Now you can go to the YouTube site and click on any video which you want to embed. There two ways, you have first you can directly copy URL from a web address as I explained previously and secondly you can click on share button then you copy code see below image.

11 edit url with embed code

So, embedded code is so easy and fancy way.  You just simply go and copy the URL or copy the code from YouTube and paste into WordPress editor.


In this lesson, we learn How to Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress. We can copy video URL code from YouTube site and also can copy embedded code in both ways we have to copy URL code or embedded code from YouTube and have to paste into WordPress. We learn also how we can edit the YouTube URL in WordPress. We replace any YouTube video’s URL or code.

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