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How To Create WordPress Page.

Early in the course, I introduced posts explain how they differ pages, in this lesson, we are taking close look at pages, when to use them, how to create WordPress page.


Like, I explained pages are stand alone, static pieces of content, to add your sites, that is not displayed in achieve and content steams, un-like posts.

There is only organized parent child relationship, and have no category, or tags, it is also too rare to see page, displayed with the other, publishing data and time, attach to it, in short, there are different types of content. All to gather that’s why they exist.

So, when do you create instead of post? Like I said previously simple test asking yourself, whether you want to be available as a main menu available, but there are two basics.

To decide something is page or post, we have to think about, content it is. Pages are typically permanent content that does not change in frequently updated, things like.      

Before How To Create WordPress Page I want to tell about Typical WordPress Pages.

  • Home.
  • About us.
  • Blog sitemap.
  • Privacy Statement.
  • Product/Services.
  • Contact.

When to use pages.


Other Types of Pages.

They also can be summary pages who provides info about specific type of content the site.

  • Summary with links to further content.
  • They also can be Bio pages for contributors.
  • Staff bios.

There are also many press sites who are made up, mainly for pages and only for the pages, a site for wedding for example: probably mostly pages, with blog posts, just for quick update, a company site.

Typically mainly pages, with blog related to use and promotions it all depends on type of sites you build the one thing keep in the mind is that when you create a page, you have to provide to user the way, to get the page, through some sort of navigation un like post, there is no page index.

So, navigation is the key, with all said, let’s make the pages.

Other Types of Pages.

Bio pages for contributors.

Staff bios.

How To Create WordPress Page.

Pages are made very much to the post are made, from WordPress toolbar.





Back end.

Hover over page.

Add New.

Both these options take to you page.

You see that it looks a lot to post. It also works same to post. You added a title, write you content. Ad images or media or what every you want, Schedule and publish you page.

Once you have created a page and worked on it and then publish the page.

Then see the result by going to front end.

You noted that page’s work like post and display very nicely.


Note: there must be navigation system.

Visit WordPress site.

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