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How SEO Works

How SEO Works.

Before we go in deep SEO, I want to share a high-level overview of how SEO works.

Understanding How SEO Works and what is going on the behind the scene, that will be valuable that you adopt the material really learning to your own specific business needs.

How SEO Works

When you enter the term in Google and hits submit a lot happens simultaneously. Google going to checks followings:

  • History (Historical Information).
  • Previous Searches (what searches you have conducted previously).
  •  Cookies.
  •  IP Address. (Physical location).
  •  Public Network connection.
  •  GPS data (when applicable) (from a mobile device).

What’s going on behind the scene. Now Google has the information that going to work to understand what is it you search for.

There are few Types of Searches.

  •  Contextual.
  •  Inferred.
  •   Intent.

Contextual Search (related). It is very easy to google to understand.

In this case, a user provides Google with a specific location, and that location is identical (matching) to where the user currently is.


I am somewhere in Los Angles, and I conduct a search for any search term (keyword or phrase), Los Angles, then Google has a very clear understanding what I want it is completely context. Google has a complete context.

The next type of search is Inferred Search (conditional).

A user provides Google with a location-specific search term that contradicts the user’s actual location.

  • Google has to infer the search objective.


If I am in Los Angles and same I conduct a search for any search term (keyword or phrase) in Los Vegas, Google has to gather actually interest local result from Los Vegas despite the fact I am currently in Los Angles.

The last type of search is Intent-Based Search.

A user searches for a location-based term without providing an actual location.

  • Google must read the intent behind the search.

This type of search is of the most popular types of searches as google get better and better understanding the intent of the search. The people are less likely included an additional location in context.

In this type of search, I mean Los angles California and that only thing, I type in Google is a cupcake bakery, in this case, I may have starched google by leaving out the term bakery, and instead only using the root keyword cupcake.

The part of the identity that right SEO strategy, is also identifying what type of search query you targeted audiences.

Most likely to use there is potentially a different approach to raising is the top contextual query versus intent query there is a lot goes SEO works but understanding the basic will give you the foundation you need to be successful in your implementation.

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