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How Google Keywords Work.


So, before we jump speaking about building our first campaign, I want to talk about Google keywords. The popularity of your advertising will use keywords as the main technique for appealing customers.

1 keywords

Keywords or Google keywords are called words or phrases and are used to match your ads with the terms persons are searching for.

So, it must be noted that selecting high-quality keywords and relevant keywords for your advertising campaigns can help you to reach the customers when you want to reach them.

How Google Keywords Work.

Having the right keywords in your campaigns can be the difference between a profitable campaign and one that just wastes your money.

Earlier, we ran some searches on Google using the keywords eyeglass repair and iPhone repair. These delivered advertisements that were related to those terms.

But as simple as that sounds, it’s important that we dig deeper to really understand the nuances in selecting keywords.

Let’s say you’re in the pre-owned vehicles business.

2 pre owned vehicles

That’s kind of the term you use after presenting yourself to clients and in your publicity.

But let’s be real, the general public doesn’t talk about buying a pre-owned vehicle.

3 user car

We do not go to Google looking for a pre-owned vehicle.

No, what do we call it? Used cars. We in its place search for used cars for sale or used car dealerships.

On paper, these keywords seem equal, but they’re not.

4 pre owned and used car

5 pre owned vehicles and owned car with numbers

The keyword pre-owned vehicles are not the same keyword as used cars. There are about, (six hundred thousand) 600,000 searches on the term used cars every month, and only,(thousand) 1,000 searches on the term pre-owned vehicles.

As you can see, there’s a huge advantage to using the language that your customers are already using. The airline industry is another great example.

They might discuss low fares:

6 pre owned vehicles and owned car with numbers 2

But in certainty, clients are speaking about cheap flights. Here, we can see that cheap flights bring in four million searches a month; low fares, a measly 2,000, and this bring me to an important point.

As you go about researching keywords, it’s essential that you speak the language of your customer.

Remember the persona exercise we did in the article Potential Customers.

7 keywords tips

The purpose of that is to help you understand how people search. The best advertising is specific.

Instead of aggressive our message to the crowds, we want to push our ads out to those very precise people that we see who are interested in what we have to offer.

If we see that our personas are teenagers using slang, then we want to emphasis on jargon in our keywords.

If our personas are officials, then we would go to use industry-standard terms.

It is very necessary that we need to know what our customers are essentially calling our products and services.

This is really going to express us what kind of terms are being entered into the Google search engine.

If we don’t do this, no matter how brilliant our ads are, they’ll never get displayed and will never reach our audience.

For each ad group, you are working to be identifying a list of keywords.

You must  Remember that ad groups are theme-based, therefore your keywords will be very exact to that theme.

In the next lesson, I’m going to show you an exercise to help identify your keywords and conduct research to determine if they’re worth targeting.

But firstly, I want to give you four important tips that you can be very helpful too and reference as you begin your keyword planning.

8 keywords tips 2

  1. The first is to think like a customer. See what your clients are going to search for. These are the rapports that you’re going to use. Think of exact search words for each category of product that you have available.

Use your persona exercises to get in your customer’s head. Remember, you want to know how they’re thinking about your product.

It’s not pre-owned vehicles, it’s used cars.

9 keywords tips 3

  1. The second tip is to organize by theme. Group all of your keywords into themes.

As you look at that list of themes, see if you can break them into sub-themes. Again, the more thematic, the more grouped things are, the better your results are going to be.

So, if your ad group was, approximately, for men’s boots, you would have themed keywords. It could be men’s rain boots, men’s work boots, men’s motorbike boots, men’s style boots, and so on.

In fact, you might even bargain yourself group those into their own themes.

Workboots might have its own subcategories. And in that case, you might stay developing ad groups that have even more exact keyword themes.

10 keywords tips 4

  1. The third tip, as I continue to say, be specific. A generalized keyword is going to get you irrelevant matches.

Boots would be the type of a bad keyword in overall because it has no framework. Persons that are entering keys in boots might be looking for boots for their car, boots for their dog, boots for themselves.

There are many types of boots available. It’s better to be specific and get about five to keywords per ad group.


11 keywords tips 5

  1. The fourth tip, use the Keyword Planner.

The Keyword Planner has new ideas for effective keywords.

We’re going to review this together in the next lesson, but I cannot stress the importance of this tool enough.

Take the time to place all of your Google keywords over it earlier touching them into your campaigns. And most importantly, take your time.

 Keywords are treated one of the most significant basics in your AdWords procedure.

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