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Hosting Tips.

In this article, we will learn about Hosting Tips. One of the most important decisions that you make as a web designer is choosing web hosting or choosing a web host company. when you begin to create a website yourself or for the clients.

Hosting Tips

A quick online search will give you a dozen of sites for choosing web hosting.

Who offer their plans and their pricing options, which can be real confusion to new web designers or who choose a first-time web hosting so, in this article I will give basics knowledge and advice for choosing a web hosting.

Hosting Tips.

Understand What You Need in A Hosting?

You should take some time to think about what your needs are for the particular site.

·         “Is it the commercial site, blog, portfolio or is simply web presence either site required e-commerce databases or service side scripting? “.

·         Knowing what site needs are and how these needs might grow in the future.

Considerations about Hosting plans.

·         Don’t let price be the driving factor.

Cheap plans are sometimes just that look beyond price to the hosting company and available features remember that it’s your job to deliver a site that performs well and is stable.

·         Unlimited Space.

Almost all plans have fine print that limits storage space and data transfer if you re-building a high – traffic site be aware of the limits and overage charges.

·         Storage.

The amount of physical space your site requires usually fairly small unless you have a massive site or use large assets like video or larger image.

·         Data Transfer.

The number of files requested and served by your site over the course of a month.

·         Research Uptime.

No site is up 100% of the time but you should check your potential host uptime claims if it falls below 99% be cautious that is a great resource for monitoring uptime.

·         Dedicated or Shared Server?

Dedicated servers mean that your site will be the only one hosted on that server.

shared servers are more common and cheaper and means that your site will be hosted along with others from a single server.

·         Installation options.

Some hosts will allow you to install your own software while others offer specific programs that they will install for you need to make sure that all the languages and other features of your site will be supported by your host.

·         Email support.

Find out what type of email support and spam filtering they offer to make sure you have the proper root-level access you need to customize your site.

·         Support.

Research the support offered by the hosting company 24-hours live support is extremely helpful, and research what other users have to say about their level of support.

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