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Windows 10 Sharing Home Network.

Windows 10 Sharing Home Network.

Networking is not a simple topic, fortunately windows 10 has nice feature built in to connect to an other computer in your network to share file and folders. Even remotely controlling  other computer for most simple home network .

Home Network


These features work pretty very easily but network settings get work more complicated with a lots of variables depend on your specific network so now I want to show some network features that you should be able to use on simple home network but if these features do not work for you, you many need to connect IT team and seek some more education specifically on networking in this article we are going to  start by connecting to others computer on my network to share files.

I have very simple network here both of my computer connect to the internet to the same router and I do not have any other security setting in place if you have regular wireless router or normal consumer level wired router or switch that all your computer connected in order to access to internet and those computer are connected together in a simple network.

So let’s look a option for connecting to other computer over that simple network.

File explorer.


This PC.

At the bottom, left hand side.


 turn on network discovery


How to change the name of computer on the network?

Well you can going to need to access the actual computer whose name  you want to change an do that you can go to control panel.

Right click start button.

Control panel.

 system and security


 view basic info of pc

system properties

 changes computer name


We have seen how to access other files on the network. But you can also take a control and operate other computer remotely using feature called remote desktop. In order to use Remote Desktop. You will need everything setup. (connecting computer to other network).

We need to do just one  more thing ready for remote desktop.

What we need to do?

We need to do enable remote desktop connection on each computer which you plan.

Right click on start button.


 system and security

 allow removte access


other way of remote accessing

Click on System.

Click on Remote Setting. (which is located on the left hand side.)

 all remote

Noted: you need to log in as a administrator.

remote desktop

remote connection

 enter username and password


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