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CorelDraw X8

Learning CorelDraw Basics.

CorelDraw Basics

Learning CorelDraw Basics. In this lesson, we will learn the CorelDraw Basics. We have seen the CorelDraw Interface previously. Now we will focus on the following topic. Like, setting up the page, using rulers, grids, and guidelines, navigating a multi-page document, Master layer & page numbering, starting with a template, …

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Understanding CorelDraw Interface.

CorelDraw interface

Understanding CorelDraw Interface. In this lesson, we will learn and Understand CorelDraw Interface. Where we will explore drop-down menus, Locating the toolbar and the toolbox, and Understanding dockers. Exploring Drop-Down Menus in CorelDraw Interface. At the top of the screen, we have standard drop-down menus. I start with the file …

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CorelDraw Tutorial


Introduction to CorelDraw & Getting Started and Using The Workspace. Hello, Welcome to CorelDraw Tutorial. In this course, we will cover the essentials lessons which take through the applications. We will get progress to the CorelDraw X8 Essential Training course. By Covering things such as an overview of the interface, …

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