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How to Choose Graphics Editor.

How to Choose Graphics Editor.

In addition to needing a powerful code editor. You need also good graphics editor as an editing tool. When you create web graphics, which is part of your job description.

Web graphic has the own specific needs and restrictions they make creating them tradition tools little challenging.

Graphics Editor

I am giving you some other features that look for when creating web graphics.

First: you need a create a vector and raster graphics, vector graphics are infinitely scalable.

They remain sharp any resolution and other hand raster graphics tied to specific resolution having that editor handle both is ideal but it’s actually not common not all used to separate programs each type of graphics since the size is important on the web.

You need an editor to have a powerful comparison tool that helps you create smaller web graphics obviously program should support formats like png, jpeg, gif, and svgs.

However, not all export optimization tools work the same make sure you research how efficiently graphics editor is compressing so web graphics.

Often you need to develop web graphics to display multiple states based on things like user interaction. having graphics editor that can create display multiple states graphics ideal unlikely code editors the graphics editing field is little less crowded actually.

choices of graphics editors

Most designers probably use one or mixture popular tool such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks and coral draw.

Learn Adobe Photoshop.

Learn Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks all offer a very powerful tool for creating web graphics and their part of the larger Creative Cloud all these programs are the products of Adobe.

Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are mostly used for Web Graphics. They are probably going to be very familiar with most web graphics and those guys really industry creating vector and raster graphics both features powerful graphics exporting capabilities.

Now, unfortunately, Adobe has stopped development on Fireworks. Meaning no new version will be created and support eventually dropped. It is really too bad.

CorelDraw if you have not used before it is the graphic suite from Corel software any feature both vector and raster editing tool that lies quality web graphics, unlikely coral is not web focus and it lakes programs with fireworks capability and it does not feature type of integration with web design tool like Dreamweaver.

Web Graphics Requirements.

  • You’ll need to work with both vector and raster graphics.
  • Using an editor that can handle both is ideal but it’s not uncommon to use a separate editor for raster and vector.
  • Your editor should have powerful optimization tools that allow it to export images into the desired formats.
  • Having an editor that can represent the states or changes to elements based on user interactivity is extremely helpful.
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