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Evaluating the Google Index.


Moving along the reports, let’s take a minute look google index section within this section, you also have index status,  Blocked resources, and opportunities Remove URLs.

1 Google index

Now I am here index status page, and This report will be open in the new Google Search Console.

2 Google index

3 Google index

This section provides, valuable data, how many pages, Google has indexed over the past year, now keeping in mind, the number in your index, is typically lower, then all of the pages on your site,  and this can be do couples of reasons, first you have content blocked, your robot.txt, file, or you might have the content is only available to you, users after log in.

If you are using both secure, or not secure version of your site, the HTTP or https as we talked about earlier than you only the index for the domain currently you are viewing, what are you typically looking for, is or up line, suggesting Google, is continue gathering more and more, contents.

So, publish new content, regularly you have, fairly small site, you may have seen flat line across, this section, and its ok too, if you really notice that, down word trend, completely drop to bottom, that you know, to a problem, and it is time to investigate, the issues further.

You can also use the advanced options, here towards the top, of the screen, to take a closer look, at what’s going on, by bringing additional, view to show you view, but contents are blogged, by robot.txt.

4 Google index

5 Google index

If you see large uptick and downtick it will suggest that your change your robot.txt, file and you can go and investigate, that further.

Next, take a look Blocked resources.

6 Google index

When your page appears on the web, it is leveraging resources, beyond HTML to render the contents, for example, you might use JavaScript, CSS, and images, in your design, and how you communicate that information to users.

7 Google index

If Google cannot access any of these resources, it is going to struggle how to common users see the page, Google is all about trying to understand, the page on your normal person, and if he cannot see, the user would go to analyze you. Use this section to see, if Google is warning you to put any blog resources, these typically will be blocked because your  robots.txt file, disallowing you crawling, those resources, be the judge though.

Sometimes google indicates that error that you disagree with it is ok, having an errors does not mean your site is, absolutely be penalized, it just means that good chance could be, you can select any page of that is affected.

8 Google index

To get more information on these specific resources that have been blocked, you can select in that resources to get the sense what page is causing the problem, the last section we look at.

9 Google index

Click on any above link.

10 Google index

Again click on each link or all links.

11 Google index


12 Google index

13 Google index

Click on submit button.

14 Google index

 Remove URLs Section.

15 Google index

Typically you use your robot.txt file, to prevent Google from crawling pages, preventing pages, but let’s say you tell Google, start crawling, but the content is leaving the index, well you can ask to google, update or remove page using the remove request now something to note, this will not instant and not permanent you need to resolve problem on your site, remove the page on yourself to make sure that the 90 days google will come back and re-crawl and re-indexed the content.

If you delete the page, make sure the server is returning the 404 errors, a hard 404 error, allow to google that page has gone, you can use no index meta tag, if you want to suggest to google not to index the content, even you want to display to yours, use the remove URLs option by selectin create a new removal request and adding the URL in the box, which you want to remove.

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