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Google Analytics Tracking.

In this lesson, we will learn about Google Analytics Tracking. You need to start tracking your website.

Before you begin to improve rank otherwise you having complete data to really understand the value of the effort in SEO.


However, it is necessary to first thing about what metrics most important to tracks.

Also Makes sure that you have the right system and place capture those metrics because your strategy might change on certain outcomes.

Essential tracking in place priority to get, nothing to worst to data, when you trying to figure out, did not work. as a local business.

Oftentimes it can get much though you can easily track, what’s happened to the web understand the web understanding the translates actual sells off lines is more difficult.

Understand Both Online and offline Metrics in Google Analytics Tracking.

In this article, I am going to walk through to track both offline and online metrics. If you have already process in place, I still recommended going along, double-checking right information is a never bad idea.

So, online we are going to really interested in only measuring traffic to the website.

But also any high-value goal, so you are in Coupon page, for example, you want to understand how many times each coupon has been downloaded per day.

It is also important which types of content that users interacting with, and about the bounce rate and where is the traffic coming from.

If you use the professional analytics, toolsets such as google analytics, all of that data will be immediately available, after installing small snippets of code of your website.

track online

In addition to website views, it is important to track what’s happening on your business listings pages.

Any social media networks, and third-party review websites. Such as YELP all of this data looked at side by side will help the full story.

also track online

Offline, the track should be.


Coupon usage and possible how many customers per day average are given in the day.

lastly, You off line metrics are specific to your business so you do valuate makes the most sense for your goals. The main key to start logging performance so you can identify your baseline, that is fairly normal your business.

track offline

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